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It's Striking The Shelves!

Earlier this twelvemonth I enjoyed many, many fikas amongst Swedish friends in addition to family. It wasn't only because I was feeling specially sociable (although it was lots of fun - in addition to I produce relish a cinnamon bun admittedly!) - I was on an of import mission. I was busy researching the concept of lagom (a Swedish term loosely translated every bit 'not likewise little, non likewise much - only right') in addition to how my Swedish friends experience incorporating it into diverse parts of their lives helps them to arrive at greater ease in addition to happiness. They were extremely generous - sharing a wealth of knowledge, tips, ideas in addition to bite-sized actions -  which convey been combined amongst my ain experience of living inwards this wonderful province for over 13 years to write my novel majority Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life. And today it hits the shelves inwards the UK! Yay! I'm super excited to percentage a sneak peek inside....

Photo credits: 1. Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home. 2. Jordam Sanchez/Unsplash 3. Gaelle Marcel/Unsplash

The illustrations are past times talented Swede Petra Börner - her run is in addition to hence lovely in addition to I was in addition to hence lucky to collaborate amongst her.

I promise you lot similar the hold off of my book! If you'd similar a re-create it's available online here or you lot tin alternative upwardly a re-create at your local majority store or library (if it's non inwards stock I'm certain they'd hold out happy to fellowship it inwards for you!).

Excitingly, a US in addition to Canadian version of the book volition launch on tertiary Oct - (watch this space!) or if your English linguistic communication isn't quite upwardly to it -  it'll also hold out available inwards German, French, Portuguese in addition to Czech (with a possibility of to a greater extent than to hold out added to the mix too!). Eeeeeeee!

If you've got whatever questions or would similar to know to a greater extent than delight only hand me a scream inwards the comment department below in addition to I'll produce my best to answer!

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 huge thank you lot to everyone who was involved inwards the making of this majority - especially the fabulous squad at HarperCollins!

Trevlig kväll!
PS Those of you lot next on Instagram stories volition know I'm on my means to London. YAAAAY! I'm partnering amongst novel Scandinavian homeware construct Eërtmug, which is launching a pop-up store inwards Shoreditch this Saturday.  If you're unopen to come upwardly along in addition to alternative upwardly some fab Scandi pieces for your abode - all proceeds volition larn to Centrepoint!

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