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6 Ways To Stone The Carpeting Inwards 2018

Tjena, hur är läget?! Is at that spot something y'all experience you're ever lacking inwards your home? For me, it's rugs! I merely never seem to get got plenty of them. But later my see to DOMOTEX (the leading merchandise fair for flooring coverings) concluding weekend, I experience inspired to larn inwards a whole lot to a greater extent than cosy approximately here. The stands were teeming amongst the most incredible flooring coverings. Think beautiful art, super tactile textures (handwoven, wool in addition to silk mix anyone?) in addition to an abundance of colour. Fellow bloggers - Holly from Decor8, Igor from Happy Interiors weblog in addition to Urban Jungle Bloggers, Agata from Passion Shake, Stefan from Trend Stefan, Desiree from Vogesparis in addition to Mette from Monsterscircus in addition to I took to the stage to verbalise over the latest trends to stone the carpet globe inwards 2018.

Here's the depression downwardly (get it?!)...

1. Traditional, beautifully handcrafted rugs amongst a contemporary touch

2. Show stopper rugs that pocket the spotlight (to stone the hold off give-up the ghost along the residuum of the room relatively minimalist in addition to calm, picking out i or 2 telephone commutation colours only).

3. Rugs that interruption the mould - intend exterior the box in addition to larn for odd shaped rugs to build a feature!

4. It's all inwards the layers: the perfectly imperfect hold off where rugs inwards dissimilar colours, patterns in addition to textures overlap to max out the cosiness.

El Ramla Hamra (check out their beautiful Etsy store here).

5. Vintage / difficult wearing: intend sustainable in addition to opt for minute mitt or invest inwards a hardwearing slice that volition stand upwards the exam of fourth dimension in addition to tin survive enjoyed past times generations to come.

6. Some rugs are merely means likewise spectacular to survive walked on - which is why I'm loving the thought of hanging on them on the wall. Think 'super-size' macrame wall hangings (add a little texture in addition to colour too) carpet fine art or uncomplicated carpets inwards off-whites.

The proficient news? This definitely leaves orbit for all our honey Moroccan rugs  - I'm loving colourful Berber rugs in addition to Kilims inwards particular.  Is at that spot whatever tendency y'all love the thought of?

If then perhaps these rugs I spotted mightiness help...

Mariantonia Urru 
Driven past times a potent passion for the vast diversity of weaving techniques in addition to traditional motifs, Mariantonia Urru, is based inwards Samugheo in addition to creates pieces using mutual traditional methods, such equally pibiones in addition to litzos, equally good equally rediscovering one-time techniques similar un inwards dente in addition to aramu. 

I set the cushions to the exam (for a while...) in addition to yep, they're equally comfortable equally they look! I regard they're available here (just saying....).

I'd get got stayed at that spot all day, had at that spot non been a blogger tour to attend to in addition to other stands to see such as...

Rug Star

Rug Star's founder Jürgen Dahlmanns told us almost how his laurels winning carpet fellowship combine his 2 abiding passions: Tibetan rugs in addition to contemporary design.
Rug Star

Hossein Rezvani

Quite perchance the most tactile rugs I've ever encountered, Hossein Rezvani is the solely build to offering contemporary rugs made inwards Isfhan, Islamic Republic of Iran amongst upwards to 1 meg knots per foursquare metre!

Despite looking similar we're listening, Igor, myself in addition to Stefan (from l to r) were genuinely dreaming almost kicking off our shoes in addition to walking approximately on these beauties bare foot!

Tisca Rugs

If y'all saw my post service the other day, you'll know I'm already a large fan of Tisca rugs. Not solely create they hold off lush, Tisca's unique hand-woven rugs are hard-wearing, durable in addition to reversible.  I then require i of these inwards my life!

Aaaaah. then beautiful. The questions is, create I larn subtle or bold? I intend y'all know the respond to that one! Did anything grab your eye?

Before I caput off  I'd similar to nation a huge cheers to the squad at DOMOTEX (Timo in addition to Lars I'm looking at you!) for a wonderful fourth dimension in addition to also to Holly Becker for an amazing chore presenting in addition to moderating our panel discussions in addition to taking us on a fab tour of the fair in addition to Hannover (what a bully city! regard Agata's guide here).

Have a bully firstly to the week!

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