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A Relaxed Cologne Domicile Amongst Mid-Century Vibes

Hallo! Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 High German greeting since I'm super excited to portion the habitation of Antonia Schmitz amongst you lot today! If you lot honey relaxed, boho vogue as well as don't follow Antonia's wonderful blog as well as instagram already, you lot must! Her feed is awash amongst daily snapshots of her as well as her married adult man Gabriel's lovely Cologne home. Blending vintage amongst cool contemporary style, the infinite is teeming amongst touches of mid-century, pattern classics, the strange high street find, home-made arts as well as crafts laid against a backdrop of white, deep bluish as well as sage. Oh as well as there's her 2 delightful resident cats Pinkie as well as Flocke too. Step this way!

I honey this wall colour - isn't it beautiful?! I believe it's this shade past times Kolorat.  Teak as well as rattan slice of furniture goes then good amongst it too. Other items: String shelves, PH5 mini pendant, rattan lounge chair (liking these!).

Look at that truthful cat perched on the radio enjoying the warmth as well as tunes! He looks similar he's overseeing the Chemex coffee brewing likewise - he as well as I would brand cracking friends! Also spotted - the vintage scissor light (I picked upwards a similar 1 here!).

Ah yes, the hottest special inwards the habitation (and instagram correct now!) - the mid-century teak credenza! I don't cry upwards I'll e'er tire of these bad boys! Source a similar beauty here.

"It has to endure cosy amongst a personal touch," Antonia tells me when I asked her what she finds of import when  decorating. "I honey things that tell a story as well as things that brand me happy."
I cry upwards this magazine rack would for certain brand me happy each solar daytime - how nearly you? Keep an oculus on this page for a similar one. 

Antonia picked upwards the mid-century armchair at Otto - if you lot alive exterior of Germany, you lot tin flame source  a similar vintage 1 here (so many beautiful ones!).

There are a few beautiful items to choice out from this corner of the sitting room then I'm exactly going to hop to it: my sitting room - 15% off correct at 1 time amongst 15designsummer - exactly maxim :). Junit configurator light.

I commonly shy away from sharing photos amongst TV's - which is form of crazy since nearly all of us accept one! Plus, they're 1 of the hardest things to vogue nicely inwards the home. I cry upwards Antonia's form of nailed it though, don't you? If you're on the marketplace for a TV - I'd totally recommend Greenhouse make-over amongst Emily Henderson as well as you'll encounter why!).  

Photography: Antonia Schmitz@craftifair / www.craftifair.com

This habitation makes me then happy. It's exactly then lived in. Could it endure the cats? The relaxed style? Or only the mix of everything combined? Do you lot experience the same?

Thank you lot then much for inviting us into your lovely habitation Antonia!

I've got 2 exciting projects inwards the pipeline which I've been pregnant to get-go for ages - but I exactly haven't flora the time. I've idea nearly it as well as the solely agency to larn to it is to skip tomorrow's weblog post. I promise you lot don't mind, a rare move! I'll endure dorsum on Lord's Day amongst a special My Scandinavian Home reader offer  (I fifty-fifty drafted inwards the human for a picayune modelling then it's non to endure missed!!).  If you're looking for around inspiration inwards the meantime I'm loving these habitation tours:

A cosy, modern boho habitation
A beautiful retreat inwards Marseille
A magnificent Berlin storey
And tell me you lot didn't immature lady Hilton Carter's awe-inspiring loft terminal week?!

Have a cracking pair of days as well as encounter you lot Sunday!

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