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Get The Look: A Swedish Abode Amongst A Floral Touch!

Why howdy there! How are you lot today? I've been photographing a piffling corner of my abode this forenoon - too can't hold off to present you lot the results! I take away to produce a piffling re-touching kickoff equally I didn't uncovering a regal ball of 'slime' peeping out from nether the daybed (mammas too pappas out there, how much are you lot disliking this homemade slime tendency amidst kids?!). Anyhow, things are on the upward 1 time again equally I stumbled across this lovely Swedish abode amongst a pretty floral accent wall. I couldn't resist putting together a flake of a 'get the look' amongst the help of Ana (below)...  but inward example you're liking it equally much equally I am! Or else, you lot could but deed inward (it's for sale!).... right away there's an idea! Gothenburg anyone?

Va fin! 

Do you lot know what actually caught my eye? The indoor climber! These are quite pop inward Sweden (my parents-in-law convey had 1 since forever) too I'm happy to come across them growing inward popularity inward the interior basis (literally taking the urban jungle subject to novel heights!).  Could you lot imagine growing 1 inward your home? If so, possibly an inspiration postal service on these fine specimens mightiness endure of interest?

Is at that topographic point anything that stood out to you?

Here's our round-up but inward example the storey doesn't come upward amongst all the furniture!

Get The Look

1. Moroccan pouf
2. Windsor dining chair
3. String storage
4. Boråstapeter Jubileum wallpaper
5. Metal clamp light
6. Rattan chair
7. L:A Bruket hand cream
8. Linen cushion

Have a lovely day!

Credits: Photography: Janne Olander Styling Maria Wigartz for Stadshem.

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