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My Daybed Update / 15% Off At Bemz!

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I beloved how pocket-sized updates tin ship away build a big impact. Recently I've grown a lilliputian tired of the master IKEA embrace inwards pale grayness on our Söderhamn chaise longue (in the window nook), addition it was starting to look, well, a fight manky (think human foot marks, splashes of hot chocolate , yous elevate it!). So before this calendar week I swapped it for a novel my sitting room - perfect! If you've got a tired looking IKEA sofa or armchair roughly (or convey spotted a minute manus i online yous similar but non certain close the cover) I've got skillful word for you.....the Bemz squad are offering yous 15% off your adjacent purchase (see the destination of the post service for details!) hence yous tin ship away give it a whole novel lease of life amongst Bemz pattern covers! Here's how I updated mine:

I already had the Söderhamn chaise longue amongst a cover, but if you're ordering a novel i from IKEA yous tin ship away purchase i without the embrace for less too hence add together the Bemz embrace at habitation (it's hence slow to position on!). Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 quick side-note: I bought the baby's breath wreath at a bloom store inwards town dorsum inwards Dec - it's been inwards the hall for ages but I mean value I powerfulness exactly convey establish a novel location for it, what practise yous think?

You may recollect the touching of chestnut from my bedroom make-over (see the interview too 'get the look' here!). I mean value the 40 x lx cushion inwards Malmen velvet chestnut adds a lovely warm touching to the window nook too. I beloved the exposed seams too relaxed await of the Loose Fit Urban - it's what drew me to this style. If I lived inwards an erstwhile solid (one hateful solar daytime friends, i day!) I'd become for the Loose Fit Country.

In this concluding flick yous tin ship away choose handgrip of a glimpse of my Chinese Money flora (I beloved the cast of the leaves!) too my mass The Scandinavian Home (not that I sit down too read my ain book....but I practise similar to dip too out for inspiration, press interviews etc). After all - there's no such affair every bit a cosy corner without plants too books, don't yous agree?! 

Photography: ©Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home

Aaaaah, hence pleased amongst it! If anyone's looking for me I'll last cosying upward hither for the residuum of the day!

But first....

To claim your 15% discount

Visit the sitting room too bedroom too it was actually helpful). And hence only travel inwards the code 15designsummer at checkout. The promotional code is valid until 11th February, 2018. 

We'd beloved to run across the results (tag us on Instagram at @bemzdesign too @designsummer if yous larn the chance!).

Have a cosy day!

This post service is brought to yous inwards collaboration amongst Bemz, silent all words are my ain too I solely always function amongst brands I beloved too mean value yous volition too.

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