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The Human Being - As Well As A Particular Offering From Triwa!

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Men tin laissez passer on the sack live together with hence tricky to purchase for, don't yous think?! My (Swedish) hubby mercifully puts downwards experiences for most of his introduce ideas which way I instruct to savour it besides (who's complaining?!). But this twelvemonth I sentiment I'd instruct that extra mile for St Valentine's Day together with instruct him something longer lasting: the Smoky Nevil sentry from Swedish construct TRIWA! If yous dearest the await of it too, I've got neat news: the fab squad at TRIWA are offering yous the adventure to purchase the Smoky Nevil timepiece amongst Swedish organically tanned leather strap together with instruct a stainless steel mesh-silver strap worth $69 for complimentary (to redeem instruct inward the code 'MESH' at checkout until halt of Feb)! This meant that my hubby got to opened upward his ii weeks early 1 condition: he model it for us..... he hither is!

And this is the Smoky Nevil timepiece amongst the stainless steel mesh-silver wristband... pretty smart, don't yous think....

Photography: Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home. 

Ahhhh, I remember he did a pretty skilful project amongst the modelling, don't you?! Look out LFW! And he is seriously pleased amongst his sentry too! 

In fact I'd quite happily article of apparel this sentry myself if I wasn't already attached to my here)! I dearest how the watches combine classic silhouettes together with contemporary Scandinavian simplicity - together with hence perfect! How close you?

If you're curious to know more, yous tin laissez passer on the sack cheque out their mens together with womens watches together with uncovering out to a greater extent than close the innovative Stockholm based companionship here.

And don't forget to construct the most of the exceptional offering (Smoky Nevil + network wristband amongst code 'MESH'!). 

Have a lovely day!

This post service is brought to yous inward collaboration amongst TRIWA. However all words are my ain together with I exclusively e'er travel amongst brands I absolutely dearest together with remember yous volition too! Thank yous for supporting the businesses that help construct My Scandinavian Home possible. 

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