A Charming Danish Domicile On A Shoestring Budget - DESIGN SUMMER

A Charming Danish Domicile On A Shoestring Budget

Hello! Hur går det?! It's nifty to move dorsum later on a calendar week inwards the mountains. I'm feeling all revived, the sun's shining together with I'm create to roll! I promise y'all experience the same this brilliant together with sunny Monday?!  I idea I'd boot off the calendar week amongst a tour of the charming habitation of Fie Frøling, finalist of the 'Danish Instagram of the Year' (and for really proficient reason!). Fie's habitation is packed amongst minute paw finds, DIY items together with an abundance of greenery. I caught upwards amongst her to uncovering out a picayune more. Enjoy the tour!

Where create y'all live?
My habitation is inwards Næstved, Kingdom of Denmark together with I receive got lived hither amongst my swain together with our 2 dogs since 2014. I genuinely grew upwards inwards this household amongst my parents together with sister. We're yet inwards the procedure of renovating it.

Get the look: Marshall speakers, Ilva cabinetKimono from Sissel Edelbos,

How would y'all depict your style?

I would depict my manner every bit mix together with gibe amongst an ethnic, boho vibe together with a hint of industrial. I dear it when warm tones consider dark steel together with similar to play roughly amongst feminine together with masculine decor.

Get the look: my sitting room!).  

 Where create y'all similar to shop? 
I dear to purchase my decor at dissimilar places. I receive got a serious soft spot for Swedish secondhand shops together with the Danish website DBA. You tin uncovering some nifty materials there. Our entire kitchen was bought from DBA. Otherwise I dear to store at unoliving.dk, Casanordic.dk, semibasic.dk, Ilva together with Broste. They receive got amazing pieces at proficient prices.

It's dainty to consider thence many plants inwards your home!
I receive got a huge dear for plants. I can't teach an entire calendar month without buying a novel light-green baby! They give such a cool upshot against the dark together with warm colours. But also, I experience similar they convey my habitation to life because y'all tin picket them grow. Kingdom of Denmark isn't the most sunny together with brilliant dry ground merely because of all my light-green plants I experience similar it's never dark, they remind me of summertime together with rainforests.

I am fascinated past times your bed headboard, tin y'all say us to a greater extent than virtually it?!
I made our headboard 3 years ago. We needed a novel headboard merely I couldn't uncovering 1 I liked. I saw these pallets past times our local prepare station which had been thrown out together with had been lying at that spot for some fourth dimension together with had turned grayness together with rusty. I was given permission to accept them together with thence I screwed them to our bed frame. Et voilà! Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 headboard emerged! 

Thank y'all thence much for the tour of your lovely habitation Fie! 

What a nifty tour - I especially loved the the rustic pieces together with plants (you know, I still can't halt thinking virtually that urban jungle home a few weeks back, how virtually you?!). It's amazing what y'all tin uncovering at flea markets. Is at that spot anything y'all loved inwards exceptional virtually Fie's home?

If you'd similar to consider to a greater extent than of Fie's habitation at that spot are tonnes of lovely snapshots on her instagram feed @woodlandwhim. And for to a greater extent than homes amongst a boho vibe why non cheque out this archive (oh together with I LOVE the Danish home archive likewise - a existent favourite!).

Have a nifty outset to the week!

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