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A Modest Swedish Space, That's Big On Cosiness!

Hejsan hoppsan (says no i inward Sweden really!). What practise you lot tell nigh coming on a virtual journeying to Stockholm amongst me today? I've got a real cosy, small-scale infinite to present you! The aeroplane inward inquiry belongs to Christina, an avid fan of do-it-yourself (or at to the lowest degree non afraid of fixer uppers!).  When Christina's non tinkering away amongst beautiful fabrics together with covers at Bemz (where she industrial plant amongst social media)  - she's working on a full gut renovation of a loft inward a quondam H2O tower dating dorsum to 1910 (follow the journeying here). In the meantime, Christina together with her partner Tor are living inward a 35 foursquare metre (376 foursquare feet) aeroplane built inward 1872. Amazingly they've also flora the fourth dimension to practise this piddling articulation upwardly likewise - together with it looks super cosy! I caught upwardly amongst Christina this forenoon to uncovering out to a greater extent than together with teach her occur tips on decorating a small-scale space.

What's the best agency to create a cosy experience without making a small-scale dwelling cluttered?

Take fourth dimension when decorating together with endeavor to source every bit many second-hand together with vintage items every bit possible. It's ameliorate for your wallet together with the surroundings together with helps to create a personal hold back together with feel. 

What gives a dwelling it's soul? 

Layering tactile textures together with adding a proficient dose of greenery volition breath life into your home. 

 What are your 3 occur tips for anyone decorating a small-scale space:

1. Get organised. Reduce visual clutter together with highlight pieces that you lot desire to showcase.   
2. Create a feeling of space. Work amongst negative spaces to create a to a greater extent than lofty feel. 
3. Don't select smaller pieces of slice of furniture but because you lot accept a smaller home, fewer, larger pieces are oftentimes a ameliorate purpose of infinite together with assist you lot to focus on the most of import features of the room.

Photographer Mikael Lundblad  / @_mikaellundblad Interior design: Christina. Featured inward Apartment Therapy.

Such a lovely, personal home, don't you lot think?

In representative you're curious nigh whatever of the items or experience inspired to pocket a few ideas for your ain home, we've gathered about items which nosotros recall agree the pecker perfectly!

Get the hold back


1. Genuine Icelandic Sheepskin Chair Cover
2. Project 62 Madrot Glass Globe Floor Lamp
3. Lulu & Georgia Rug
4. KINS - African Mudcloth Cushion
5. Brass Candlesticks
6. Star Voyager Hand Crafted Star Theme African Mask
7. Afro Art Candlestick
8. Cabin Porn Book
9. Misses Flower Power Vase
10. Bemz Cushion Cover
11. Nelson Daybed
12. Bemz Cushion Cover
13. Mateo Grazzi Vintage Chair
14. Candle Holder
15. Broste Copenhagen - Caspa Desk Lamp
16. Linen duvet cover
17. Food52 Grey Splatter Enamel Serving Utensils
18. Serax - Terra Watering Can
19. Poppi Serving Plate
20. Olive Wood Chopping Board
21. Salt Dining Chair

You tin read to a greater extent than nigh Christina's dwelling over at Apartment Therapy together with follow her Water Tower projection here

Have a lovely day!

PS  Don't forget - you lot tin teach 15% off at Bemz amongst code 15designsummer until 11th February (see my picks for my sitting room, bedroom armchair together with window nook!).

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