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All Hail The Beautiful Parquet Floor!

Ever since I moved to Sweden virtually 14 years agone (wow - that's crazy!) parquet forest flooring has been on my radar. This is because many older Swedish homes characteristic beautiful, master copy herringbone floors which bring aged gracefully over time. In fact, y'all mightiness fifty-fifty sense a squeak equally y'all cross the room which all adds to the charm! So what is parquet flooring exactly? The discussion 'parquet' derives from the French "a modest compartment' as well as the flooring is recognised past times it's angular, geometric mosaic pattern inwards the shape of squares, triangles, as well as lozenges.  Over the past times 5 years, I've noticed a major revival across the blueprint globe amongst many people opting for parquet flooring amongst a modern twist. And what wonderful news, don't y'all think? I idea I'd pay homage to the classic characteristic today, here's a round-up of unopen to of my favourites...

 AVW Arquitectura / Whyte Lilja: Impremta Garden,

Alen Cordic
Karel Balas

Henrik Nero
Kalle Gustafsson
Brittany Ambridge
Courtesy of: Compass
Eve Campestrini
J Contemporary
Janne Olander
I mentioned the other solar daytime that my childhood domicile was built inwards the 60's as well as nosotros had parquet flooring inwards a foursquare formation . I spent as well as thus much fourth dimension sitting on that flooring equally a toddler as well as I recollect unopen to of the pieces were unloose as well as made perfect edifice bricks! I'm non certain how pop this was amongst my parents though!
Do y'all bring whatever sense of parquet flooring? Would y'all see it for your home?

Just inwards example you're tempted, here's a round-up of unopen to of the beautiful patterns y'all tin create:

Not gear upwardly to re-do your entire floor? You could ever pigment a beautiful pattern straight onto the forest inwards the meantime! I dearest this geometric formation below created past times a local Malmö store lovely domicile tour!

 If y'all become for something like brand certain y'all add together a link to the comment department below - we'd dearest to run across it!

Have a lovely day!

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