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Is Embroidery The Novel Avocado Toast?!

In my Lagom book I verbalize close the importance of swapping concealment fourth dimension for analogue activities such every bit reading, writing a diary together with handiwork earlier bedtime inward lodge to experience to a greater extent than relaxed, doze off quicker together with relish an improved lineament of sleep. So you lot tin imagine how excited I was to run into embroidery popping upwards to a greater extent than inward the social media sphere! Pinterest, Instagram (6 1000000 hits!), blogs, DIY magazines, you lot hollo it. For those of you lot shuddering every bit you lot cast your hear dorsum to a mutual frigidity classroom alongside pricked fingers - fearfulness not, we're talking embroidery alongside a modern twist together with a Swedish start-up has you lot covered! Founded yesteryear Sofia Magnusson, The Folklore Company combines the digital globe alongside quondam schoolhouse cross sew together embroidery, pregnant that anyone who hasn't done a cross-stitch since head schoolhouse tin nevertheless relish the mindful action together with practice something wall-worthy too! How fab is that?!

When Marielle at The Folklore Company kickoff approached me I was quick to notice you lot tin purchase gear upwards made embroidery patterns besides - the 'busy' someone inward me was incredibly tempted! But thence I realised I'd move missing out on the whole relaxation side  addition I'd never uncovering out if embroidery genuinely was the novel avocado toast! I fired off a post service alongside my concerns together with was assured: "it’s actually non difficult to embroider your own, it’s a niggling fourth dimension consuming but a real soothing activity, which is made fifty-fifty to a greater extent than cozy alongside a loving cup of tea."

Being a Brit, she had me at the tea. Here's how I got on:

1.  Selecting the pattern. The Design Editor offers a large multifariousness of patterns ranging from to a greater extent than traditional flowers together with lace to swallows, hearts together with fifty-fifty unicorns! I went for the The Republic of Malta pattern - which is i of their best sellers since it's a relative elementary pattern (best non to run earlier I crawl!). 

2.  Selecting the colour: I opted for the pewter grey thread, which I'm actually pleased with. On the abode run I exchanged i of the birds for a pinkish thread which I institute at home. I think it added a prissy niggling twist practice you?!
3. Adding your text, favourite quote or poem: (remember the longer it is the to a greater extent than hours it volition take, but thence again, the chore is non meant to move rushed together with March is i looong month!). 
4. Choosing the text style: I chose the Primus Script every bit I form of wanted the juxtaposition of the modern quote alongside the traditional lettering.
5. Ordering the kit: The embroidery kit contains everything you lot bespeak to larn started correct away including a needle, fabric, yarn together with pattern but I form of got carried away together with ordered the pretty peacock scissors (was tempted alongside the Eiffel tower ones too), a wooden embroidery hoop, together with a thimble!

6. The process: I was thence grateful for the real instantly forrard instructions together with the embroidery was genuinely therapeutic (it's a perfect action for a long journey, wiling away a few hours at the weekend or exactly kicking dorsum inward the evenings!).

Once finished I placed the cloth inward a black frame together with hung it on my chamber wall! I stimulate got to say, I'm thence happy alongside the result!

Keen to brand your own? All the information you lot bespeak to larn started is correct here
- together with the fab squad are offering you lot 15% discount alongside the code: 15%SCANDINAVIAN upwards until 31st March. You The Folklore Team girls rock!

Don't forget to part a moving-picture demo of your masterpiece using the hashtag #folklorecompany, we'd honey to run into it!

Thank you lot to the fab girls at daughter's room perhaps?! Watch this space!

Photography credits: 1 (montage) & two courtesy of The Folklore Company / 3, four & 5: Niki Brantmark - My Scandinavian Home.

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