A Dreamy Niggling Cottage Past Times The Sea - DESIGN SUMMER

A Dreamy Niggling Cottage Past Times The Sea

Every straightaway together with i time to a greater extent than I come upwards across a dwelling which takes my breath away. This picayune cottage is i of them. Charmingly named Captains Rest, the secluded heritage cottage looks out over the H2O from it's advantage betoken inwards Lettes Bay, Tasmania.  Owner Sarah Andrews, an interior stylist, author together with sailor, describes it every bit "my pride together with joy, my haven of peace together with serenity." The cabin has been decorated alongside "love together with delight" alongside objects together with furnishings from approximately the earth together with is "brimming alongside curated collections, fine linens, cosy textures together with objects of delight". Guests (yes, it's genuinely available to rent!) are invited to read inwards forepart of the fire, hit got long baths, walk inwards the forest, swim, fish, together with dream. The query is, would you lot e'er desire to leave?! 

"When I’m hither I tin toilet nation when the pelting is coming, when the salmon are inwards the bay, if the Sun volition rising rosey together with when to plough to hold off together with encounter a rainbow."

Sarah Andrews


1. Nectre xv Radiant Wood Heater
2. Barrel Picnic Basket
3. Original Continental 18th Century Bearded Gentleman Oil Portrait
4. Raul Gorgeous Grey Medium Curved Factory Style Lampshade
6. Limited edition vintage cotton wool together with linen striped cushion
7. Green decorative pillow cover
8. Vintage wooden oars
9. Isabella striped jacquard robe
10. Off white linen decorative pillow cover
11. White pillow

You tin toilet encounter to a greater extent than moving painting of this beautiful i sleeping accommodation cottage on the Instagram feed together with homepage together with brand a booking here.

I am together with then inspired past times this delightful cottage that I am completely lost for words. But delight experience complimentary to piece of occupation out your ain inwards the comment department below - I'd honey to listen your thoughts!

Have a lovely day!

Photography courtesy of Sarah Andrews / Captains Rest.

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