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A Hitting Swedish Domicile Amongst A Wall Of Books!

Why, howdy there! I promise yous had a groovy weekend?! I'm hoping this domicile mightiness brighten upwards the outset of your calendar week (it sure enough has mine!). This incredible bird inwards Stockholm belongs to Anna Tuernell, Head of Design at Arket. It's a domicile of contrast - where calorie-free forest floors in addition to fresh white walls juxtapose amongst night grey, dark in addition to forest furniture. But perhaps my favourite affair of all are the flooring to ceiling shelves brimming amongst books - if you're a majority lover, you'll no dubiety autumn inwards honey amongst it too! Anna invited Lotta Agaton in addition to Kristofer Johnsson inwards to capture it for Residence magazine. Enjoy the tour!

The bumling pendant (call me young but I can't assist grin at the name, how nearly you?!) inwards brass definitely takes centre phase inwards the kitchen. There are ever second-hand ones available here.

 The sitting room reads similar a 'who's who' of fabulous pattern classics - amongst the most unbelievably comfortable Eames lounge chair in addition to ottoman beside a Bollo Lounge chair.  

Book lovers rejoice! I've said it already inwards the introduction, but precisely how wonderful are these flooring to ceiling shelves bursting amongst books?! The Elfa bookshelf system is perfect for creating this effect. 

The tea trolley - perhaps my favourite slice yesteryear Artek (and the dark version too, honey it!) looks groovy adjacent to the Panthella Floor lamp.

A Swedish Kakelugn inwards the corner of the sleeping accommodation adds a decorative behaviour upon (and if inwards working status - a lot of warmth!) to the bedroom. An Eames rocker tin flame live on seen precisely inwards front end (ready to act every bit the perfect chairdrobe?).

What a fabulous space?! The architect is precisely stunning too. Imagine having ceilings every bit high every bit this?! 

Thank yous then much to Lotta for the sort permission to portion these lovely photos from her portfolio  - in addition to to Coco Lapine - through whom I discovered this space! 

You tin flame encounter to a greater extent than of Lottas lovely move here

Have a happy outset to the calendar week all!

Credits: Interior pattern Lotta Agaton Interiors. Photography Kristofer Johnsson.

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