A Light-Filled Aeroplane On Sweden's Westward Coast - DESIGN SUMMER

A Light-Filled Aeroplane On Sweden's Westward Coast

I ever read every unmarried ane of your comments (both hither in addition to on Instagram in addition to Facebook) - It's hence interesting in addition to fun to squall for heed your thoughts, tips in addition to ideas. Yesterday Roxanna requested a dwelling alongside coloring to brighten upwardly her wintertime inward Slovenia (where the mercury hitting minus 23 yesterday - BRRRRR!). I totally larn it (the conditions tin endure decidedly monochrome hither at the best of times) only I actually couldn't resist sharing this dwelling alongside yous start - err, create hints of pale mint, terracotta, in addition to gilded count? Probably not, only this dwelling inspired inward business office past times the Artilleriet studio (as read on Trendenser in addition to looking at the pictures I tin totally meet why!) volition hopefully brighten upwardly your twenty-four hr catamenia all the same! 

There are some lovely pieces inward this light-filled kitchen including a Moravia Star light, Era chairs, in addition to Lampe Gras wall sconce
I dearest an internal window - they're sentiment for slipping low-cal into nighttime areas. In ane of the homes inward my mass The Scandinavian Home, an onetime warehouse window had been installed for this real role in addition to it looked beautiful!

The Suspension Vertigo low-cal reminds me of a chapeau - it's form of cool. The bigger the amend inward my mind! The Atollo tabular array lamp seen on the tabular array inward the far corner is far to a greater extent than subtle alongside it's construct clean lines, only also cool inward its ain way! You tin alternative upwardly a Beni ourain carpet from this lovely Etsy shop.

Photography: Anders Bergstedt for Entrance.
Although a niggling moisture looking inward this picture, I'm thinking amend conditions is to a greater extent than or less the corner in addition to we'll also endure able to hang out on our balcony (with blankets!) whatever fourth dimension soon! 
Stay warm (unless yous alive somewhere similar Oz correct now, inward which instance I'll post a refreshing mutual frigidity boom your way!).

PS this lovely aeroplane is for sale  - inward instance yous fancy a deed to Gothenburg - you'll accept the beautiful archipelago on your doorstep too? Just saying

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