A Magical Weekend At Wanås Eating Theatre Hotel - DESIGN SUMMER

A Magical Weekend At Wanås Eating Theatre Hotel

I honey a weekend get-away don't you? H5N1 few weeks dorsum I was invited to take in Wanås Restaurant Hotel, a pattern hotel on the Wanås estate, deep inwards the pump of the Skåne countryside hither inwards Southern Sweden. The magnificent estate is also habitation to a fairytale medieval fortress, a Sculpture Park (Wanås Konst) too an organic farm. Doesn't that audio romantic?! And approximate what? It also tied inwards perfectly amongst my husband's birthday! Needless to say, I was packing our weekend purse faster than I could say "Ja!". Here are a few pictures I captured from our magical stay.

Wanås has a long history of inviting guests too fine art lovers, however, it wasn't until May. 2017 the estate opened its offset hotel. Located inwards a converted 18th century building, architect Kristina Wachtmeister (one of the members of the household unit of measurement spot who lives on the estate) joined forces amongst Amundsen + Jansson to create the xi room hotel. The squad worked difficult to keep many of the master copy details of the building, including 1 metre thick walls too beautiful beams too created an interior that combines "Nordic pattern too sustainability, amongst locally sourced materials".

One of our favourite rooms was the communal lounge. We completely made ourselves at habitation yesteryear the burn amongst a sip (so perfect for warming the cockles subsequently a snowy walk through the sculpture park!).

Pictures: 'Pappa och jag' yesteryear Ylva Ogland too 'En annan väg' yesteryear Ann-Sofi Sidén to the right. 

Another matter that makes the lounge toasty is that guests are invited to pour themselves a loving cup of java (or something stronger from the bar) too curl upwards on the sofa amongst an fine art too pattern majority from the library (I mightiness fifty-fifty bring added my ain one!).  

Kristina was peachy to role local resources wherever possible. The stairway leading to the offset flooring is made from oak from the estate.

All xi hotel rooms bring been individually decorated. Ours had high vaulted ceilings amongst master copy beams, equally good equally a modest library of books, peculiarly designed slice of furniture yesteryear Christian Halleröd Design too a B&O Bluetooth speaker to play our favourite tunes! It would bring been fairly tardily to hang out in that location all weekend!

I LOVED the pinkish tiles amongst dark grouting inwards the en-suite bathroom. How fab are they? I intend I mightiness simply bring to bag this thought at home? We were also treated to an Ifö roll-top bath (love a adept soak, how most you?!). 

After a footling chilling, nosotros tucked into the most delicious brunch at the Wanås restaurant. The carte du jour is influenced yesteryear its surroundings: "the forests teeming amongst game, mushrooms, berries, too the organic farm that produces milk too meat, equally good equally vegetables."

Pictured: RUBN lights & Hans Wegner sofa upholstered inwards leather from the Wanås estate. 

Note to Local friends - don't missy this brunch if you lot caput to the sculpture common for the day!! Then again, you lot practice kinda desire to rest the dark or you'll missy out on the 4 class supper - a truthful testimony to the chef's vision, too no dubiousness 1 of the reasons why the eating theatre is included inwards The White Guide, 2018.

Skåne beingness Skåne, you lot tin never quite rely on the weather. But equally the famous Swedish proverb goes: "there's no such matter equally bad weather, only bad clothing," too Wanås Restaurant Hotel has it covered amongst a rattling handy mudroom consummate amongst Stutterheim raincoats (also available here) too dissimilar sized wellies for guests to borrow!

So, it was inwards this vein nosotros wondered out to Wanås Konst which tin hold upwards glimpsed behind the medieval fortress (home to the Wachtmeister household unit of measurement too frequently accommodating artists from all over the basis working on their exhibits).

Run yesteryear an independent, non-profit foundation, the estate houses lxx site-specific contemporary artworks outdoors too within the gallery. In the wintertime the indoor gallery (and shop) is unopen for a few months (it's opened upwards betwixt halt of March until December) but in that location were enough of incredible pieces to thought inwards the common alone, including industrial plant yesteryear Anna Hamilton, Yoko Ono too Ann-Sofi Sidén.

Just equally nosotros stepped out the Sun appeared from nowhere too the golden low-cal filtered through the trees, placing a halo roughly the snowflakes falling from the sky. It was magical!

If you're anything similar me too experience the demand to behave on EVERYTHING, you'll hold upwards pleased to listen many of the sculptures are interactive, amongst some artists fifty-fifty claiming their operate isn't consummate without people on them, inwards them or yesteryear them. This also makes it a GREAT identify for families! 

Featured sculptures: 'Two Different Anamorphic Surfaces' yesteryear Dan Graham, 'Together too Apart' yesteryear Antony Gormley,  'Old Sow Between The Trees' yesteryear Hannelie Coetzee, too 'A House for Edwin Denby' yesteryear Robert Wilson. 

I bring to say, nosotros were hapless to leave! If you're visiting Sweden I tin SO recommend a weekend rest at this magical hotel - or if fourth dimension is of the essence, at to the lowest degree swing yesteryear for brunch too a lovely walk (art too Swedish nature - what's non to love?!).

"This twelvemonth volition hold upwards colourful, sparkling too large scale. We're rattling excited," says Elisabeth Millqvist.

And who are nosotros to missy out?!

H5N1 large give thank you lot you to everyone who made us experience too hence welcome at Wanås Restaurant Hotel including Kristina, Sofia too Elisabeth! It was an incredible weekend too nosotros can't aspect to take in 1 time again soon!

Photography: all pictures yesteryear Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home except the kitchen, dining tabular array too bath which are yesteryear Magnus Marding.  

*This was press trip to Wanås Restaurant Hotel, notwithstanding all words are my ain too I only always recommend places to take in that I honey too intend you lot volition too!

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