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Gen's Beautiful Sleeping Accommodation Inwards Detail

I was happy to ask heed in addition to thus many of you lot loved Gen's sleeping accommodation tour yesterday - it is such a fantastic space! I'm non certain how she genuinely gets upwards in addition to leaves each solar daytime (I'd desire a duvet solar daytime everyday, how most you?!). As promised, here's the depression downwards on those fabulous prints in addition to a few other details! 

Gen moved away from medium grey, plums in addition to dark (see the earlier here) to a softer, lighter pallette using the wall color SPACE yesteryear Jotun Lady Pure Colour. This hue provided a perfect backdrop for to a greater extent than or less beautiful items similar the ones below:

1. Kristina Krogh - Pieces No 01 / 2. Curvilinear Mid-Century Sconce / 3. Cushion cover STRIPES - Nordal / 4. Duvet cover.

The beautiful Feather 02 impress yesteryear Rikke Hass Christensen alongside Oak Frame rests on the flooring underneath a rack of wooden hooks.

I dear a white on white vignette in addition to this 1 industrial plant genuinely good due to the textures at play - gloss in addition to matt / polish in addition to striped!


1. Vapeur Table Lamp / 2. Welcome To The City Of Champions Poster

I hope today in addition to yesterday's post has given you lot a few ideas for your ain home. As always, if you're wondering most whatever other details only laissez passer on me a weep inwards the comment department below!

Have a lovely day!

*This post includes gifted in addition to affiliated links. All words are my ain in addition to I alone ever operate alongside brands I love. Thank you lot for supporting the businesses that construct My Svandinavian Home possible.

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