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Gen's Lovely Sleeping Accommodation Refresh

H5N1 few weeks agone I spent the twenty-four lx minutes current at my friend this in addition to this post. Then in ane trial to a greater extent than you lot mightiness not. You see, Gen has the propensity to update her bird fifty-fifty to a greater extent than than I practice (and that's actually proverb something every bit you lot know!). The latest room to hold upwardly given a facelift is her bedroom. With leap only precisely about the corner (yippee!), Gen moved away from slightly darker, moodier notes to a fresh await in addition to experience piece keeping the await warm in addition to inviting alongside a affect of rattan in addition to layers of textiles (love the Nordal cushions in addition to rugs). Enjoy the tour!

Gen's 3 metre high ceilings in addition to large sleeping accommodation is the materials of dreams. I mean, could you lot imagine?! Even so, it tin hold upwardly tricky to practice a cosy vibe. To compensate, Gen used a mound of soft cushions, throws in addition to rugs (see below for details). The walls accept been painted inwards SPACE past times Jotun Lady Pure Colour upwardly to the edge which also helps to practice a to a greater extent than intimate feel. 

A uncomplicated wooden chair plant perfectly every bit a bedside table! Admittedly, mine would accept a mount of materials on it ("Chairdrobe: Piling clothes on a chair inwards house of a cupboard or a dresser") but Gen's ane organised lady! Check out this post for to a greater extent than details on the fabulous prints!

Mixing in addition to matching patterns in addition to textures is the agency to become for a warm in addition to inviting await - I dear how some of the cushions similar this one accept a chip of of a boho vibe going on too!

 I'm such a large fan of my bedroom)!

"I dear how the lite shines through the chair in addition to casts shadows on the wall." Genevieve Jorn.

Oj oj oj (as they tell inwards Sweden!) what a lovely bedroom! Could you lot imagine sleeping here? If it were my sleeping accommodation I'm non certain if I'd always leave!


1. Harlekin Carpet
2. Large Rattan Chair
3. BOHO cushion cover
4. Black Bench
5. Glass Jar
6. Cushion cover

N.B: Nordal ships throughout Europe (webshop stockists here).

Once again, you lot tin abide by out to a greater extent than information on the prints in addition to a few other details here - in addition to only plow over me a weep inwards the comment department below if you're wondering nearly anything else!

Have a lovely day!

This postal service is brought to you lot inwards collaboration alongside Nordal, nevertheless all words are my ain in addition to I solely always run alongside brands I dear in addition to retrieve you lot volition too. 

Photography: Niki Brantmark / Styling Genevieve Jorn.

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