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How Virtually A Sangria At This Mallorcan Townhouse?!

As the wintertime drags it's heels inwards Europe, is anyone else starting to dream of warmer climes?!   I stumbled across Casa Sa Mar inwards the beautiful hamlet of Soller on the North West coast of Mallorca this morning time in addition to idea it could hold upwardly prissy for us all to pay a virtual visit?! Renovated yesteryear Durietz Design & Development, the 450 sqm (4833 sft) señorial townhouse late came on the marketplace (perhaps if nosotros all flake in.... ?!).  I honey the beautiful courtyard (those apricot walls!) in addition to of course, that pool. Apparently it comes fully furnished every bit good (with a lovely blend of Balearic in addition to Scandi) - in addition to thence all that would hold upwardly left for us to produce is quaff sangria in addition to maybe hitting the beach. Who's in?!

Aaaaah. How I'd honey to hold upwardly hanging out hither in addition to feeling the warm Sun on my skin, how close you? 

Other dreamy places inwards sunnier climes (which are genuinely available to rent rather than buy!) include Magnolia House, The Bower, in addition to fifty-fifty your real ain island get-away. How close it?!

Have a lovely day!

Photos courtesy of Durietz Design & Development

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