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Make-Over: A Magnificent Berlin Studio

I recollect it's fourth dimension for a novel mini make-over episode, how nigh you?! This fourth dimension I idea we'd caput to Berlin together with the awe-inspiring studio of here together with here). The brainchild of creative duo Laura together with Nora, this interview). Let's dive inwards together with notice out how they transformed the starting fourth dimension flooring of a derelict warehouse into a stunning studio for cooking, nutrient styling, photography, workshops together with events.

Oh together with give thank you lot you then much to the serial sponsor Builders Bay - an amazing online marketplace for builders, renovators together with DIYers where you lot tin purchase together with sell surplus materials, architectural salvage together with ex display stock! Perfect!

Our Food Stories started out 5 years agone from a minor studio inwards the countryside, 1 hr drive from Berlin. The tranquil setting was wonderful since it offset the stresses together with strains of setting upward a business, "It actually rescued us, since the starting fourth dimension years of edifice upward our ain fellowship accept been then stressful." However, the weblog became increasingly pop together with they eventually grew out of it. "It made feel to await for somewhere closer to home, then inwards the summertime of 2015 nosotros started to await for a Studio inwards Berlin."

Since natural low-cal is a fundamental chemical ingredient inwards their photography, it was of import to notice a infinite with at to the lowest degree 1 North facing window. Known every bit 'reflected light', due north low-cal is pop alongside artists since it bathes the dependent area inwards the same cool ambience throughout the hateful solar daytime - giving artists together with photographers greater command over their locomote (this has got me thinking nigh using the North facing windows inwards my habitation more!). The infinite would also require a high ceiling to tally their enormous tripod!

The couplet went to persuasion simply about other holding which wasn't quite right. However, from the window they spotted a edifice 500 metres away together with straight off barbarous inwards dear with the windows together with the edifice which combined "nice together with neat with erstwhile schoolhouse charm". They passed yesteryear on spec together with flora that the starting fourth dimension flooring was even then empty together with had the perfect low-cal (two north-facing windows) together with height. Result!

 "When nosotros saw the infinite for the starting fourth dimension time nosotros simply could non believe it was even then available to rent! The starting fourth dimension affair nosotros did was cheque the indicate of the reach together with the minute fourth dimension nosotros visited nosotros brought simply about flowers together with did a picayune exam photograph shooting."

Despite the incredible shell, the infinite was inwards desperate require of renovation. The walls were yellow, together with simply about walls didn't fifty-fifty exist. It also had no bathroom.

Thankfully they would require to practise picayune inwards the way of renovating themselves.

"If you lot rent a studio or apartment inwards FRG the landlord has to give it to you lot inwards a skillful (renovated) condition. As a renter you lot don't unremarkably accept a large influence on the renovation, but luckily nosotros could determine on a lot of the details, which nosotros are real thankful for. "

The landlord prepped together with painted the walls (white) and, at the asking of Laura together with Nora, installed an incredible concrete floor.

The master copy 8 metre high ceiling was something of a photographers dream but they were warned yesteryear the landlord that their heating neb would endure astronomical if they kept it together with a effect it was lowered yesteryear several metres. 

"We would never accept lowered it, but the landlord told us that it would accept been impossible to locomote along the infinite warm inwards the wintertime because the roof has no insulation."  

Overall though, the duo are delighted with the results of the renovation.

The couplet used slice of furniture together with lighting to dissever the vast room into a serial of zones: "we created dissimilar corners, which allow us to create dissimilar laid upward ups." But they were also keen to locomote along the infinite pared-back together with clutter-free. "It’s real of import to accept a infinite that is non likewise packed, then when it gets messy during photograph shootings, you lot even then accept plenty space."

Being nutrient stylists together with photographers, the kitchen was a major focus. The couplet spent a lot of fourth dimension thinking nigh which kitchen to install, inwards the cease settling on a kitchen from Frama. "It perfectly fits the industrial surroundings, nosotros are then inwards dear with it!"

Despite the white finish, Laura together with Nora are pleased that they tin come across the outline of the master copy brick wall. The lines / texture also assistance to intermission upward the empty expanse.

The couplet had gratis reign to pigment simply about of the walls together with used pigment from KABE Copenhagen to add together nuance together with texture. "We simply chose yesteryear intuition which wall should instruct which colour."

 This mammoth tripod is 1 of the reasons they needed a studio with such a high ceiling!

"The way nosotros conduct the vogue of the interior comes naturally together with is also form of indirectly dominated (in a skillful way) yesteryear the infinite itself, its aura together with its architectural character."

 "We dear the mix of erstwhile together with new! Our habitation inwards Berlin is to a greater extent than modern, with novel danish pattern interiors, our habitation inwards the countryside to a greater extent than rustic, but also with a modern influence together with our studio is form of a mix of both with industrial elements."

"Some of the vintage slice of furniture is from Ebay together with a lot of the erstwhile tables together with lamps were bought from J&V together with Urban Industrial."

"We are then grateful together with happy to locomote inwards this wonderful space."

Just WOW!! This is my absolute dream (I wonder if they require a kitchen manus - or fifty-fifty somebody to practise the washing up?!). Could you lot imagine settling inwards hither each day?

In illustration you're looking to create something similar at locomote (or home), here's the depression downward on simply about of the items:

1. Studio Kitchen - Frama
2. Semi Professional Coffee Machine
3. Gubi table
4. Marble Speakers
5. Midgard Workshop Lamp
6. Linen Kitchen Towels
7. Vienna Chairs
8. Adam Barstol
9. Enamel Factory Light
10. Chopping Board

The couplet dear to collaborate with other local talents. This incredible pampas cloud installation created yesteryear Mary Lennox spread across Pinterest similar wildfire dorsum inwards the spill (it's tardily to empathise why!). 

But the fundamental focus remains on the pairs passion for nutrient then I was dying to know if the girls had a favourite recipe! I was told this was an extremely tricky question, since they dear them all, but at a force Laura would instruct for the gluten gratis quince cheesecake with meringue together with Nora the gluten gratis poppy seed cake.

Sound skillful to me!

For to a greater extent than mouth-watering recipes you lot must follow these ladies over on their blog together with instagram: @ourfoodstories, together with @designtales for interior inspiration! They also accept a beautiful mass available here.

Which leaves me with 1 question. Hands upward who'd dear to locomote from a studio similar this together with consume lots of cake?!

Thank you lot then much to Laura together with Nora for showing us their studio! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

 All Photography: Courtesy of Our Food Stories / Design Tales.

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