Mid-Century Meets Boho Inwards A Brooklyn Home - DESIGN SUMMER

Mid-Century Meets Boho Inwards A Brooklyn Home

Hejsan! How's everything with y'all today? I'm curious, produce y'all create got a metropolis that feels similar a dwelling menage from dwelling menage for no other argue than it feels right? One of mine is Brooklyn! I e'er larn excited when I notice a dwelling menage tour inwards the New York City borough, especially when it's every bit lovely every bit this one. Mallory shares her even out inwards Greenpoint with her partner together with 2 cats together with runs The Reserve, a thoughtfully curated store selling the most beautiful rugs, poufs together with cushions made from vintage Moroccan textiles. Let's accept a tour...

How would y'all depict your style? 
My vogue tends to shift faster than I tin buy the farm along up, but I would depict it every bit eclectic meets Mid Century modern meets California cool (in New York, of course). I’m drawn to natural materials similar wood, jute, together with wool together with I honey designing our infinite with a soft color palette inwards mind.

Tell us most your passion for rugs: 
"I'm a big believer that woven rugs tin add together together with then much grapheme together with texture to your dwelling menage together with amongst plants, brand a huge vogue statement! I'm a fan of rugs inwards the dining room, kitchen, together with layered inwards a living room or bedroom. My jaw e'er drops when I watch a popular of color inwards a perfectly worn runner lining a hallway or entry."

Rugs tin live actually tricky - produce y'all create got whatsoever vogue tips for us? 
"My tip would live to invest inwards character handmade pieces with a history. Beautifully worn Western Farsi rugs or faded Moroccan Boujaad rugs are my absolute favourite to vogue with. One-of-a-kind e'er wins inwards my book."

Loving the poufs y'all sell, produce y'all create got whatsoever advice for anyone looking to purchase 1 for their dwelling menage (i.e. me!)?
With poufs, my advice would live to recall exterior the box! I role my flooring poufs every bit additional seating when entertaining, every bit infinite holders for those awkward nooks together with crannies inwards the house, every bit lovely-to-look-at pet beds, together with I stack them upwardly to role every bit ottomans for moving painting nights at home. I know many people that also role them inwards reading nooks for kids or every bit meditation pillows.

Urban Outfitters NYC paid Mallory's a see a few weeks dorsum together with turned their sleeping room into a 'floral wonderland! Love how Michael (one of their kitty cats) is taking shade nether a cheese establish leafage on the windowsill too!

Photography courtesy of The Reserve (with sort permission).

Thank y'all for telling us a niggling most your dwelling menage together with sharing your tips Mallory!

Hands upwardly who'd honey 1 of The Reserve poufs inwards your home? (*own manus shoots up*).

Get the look*

1. Light Brown La Fleur Hanging Chair
2. Bohemian Tassel natural cotton cushion
3. Round Bevel Edge together with Tulip Base Dining Table
4. White sheepskin rug
5. Moroccan Boujaad XL Pouf No 1
6. Ikea SINNERLIG Pendant lamp
7. Cleopatra Quilted Cotton Bedspread
8. Monte Cushion #1
9. Cotton Velvet Cushion Cover

You tin watch to a greater extent than of Mallory's dwelling menage together with buy the farm along upwardly to engagement with the latest items inwards her store on instagram.

And to a greater extent than fabulous boho homes here - but inwards representative you're later on a niggling to a greater extent than inspiration (if this tour comes upwardly get-go but scroll on passed)! 

Have a lovely day!

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