New Gallery Wall Inwards The Window Nook (Plus 25% Off!) - DESIGN SUMMER

New Gallery Wall Inwards The Window Nook (Plus 25% Off!)

Collaboration: There are many elements which help to brand a dwelling personal. One of my favourites is art. And despite beingness so happy amongst our window nook at home, I realised this was precisely what was missing! I gathered the My Scandinavian Home team for this i since at that spot was paint, prints too i real heavy vintage light at stake (and my married adult man does get jittery when it comes to drilling holes inwards the wall!). Here's what nosotros did amongst a picayune help from prints too frames from Desenio

1. Red Bubblegum 2. Let The Light In 3. Legs 4. Dandelion 5. Birds

I'm a big fan of fine art photography (probably because I dear taking photographs!) which is why the pick is made upward of this genre. I was also looking for something that reflected my dear of calorie-free (hey, it's pretty night inwards Sweden one-half of the twelvemonth - it's difficult non to decease obsessed!) too nature - merely also wanted to add together a playful /strong chemical factor (hence the Red Bubblegum portrait). I was truly slightly nervous well-nigh this slice merely it has decease my favourite impress (and that's proverb something every bit I conduct maintain many too dear them all!).

It's slow to intend changes inwards my dwelling are a spontaneous, quick laid affair. This is sometimes the case, merely generally there's so much that goes on behind the scenes! For the gallery wall Gen pose together a 3D drawing to scale inwards SketchUp so nosotros could encounter precisely how the prints mightiness expect across the ii walls (I dear a gallery wall that goes some a corner!). 

Don't worry, you lot don't bespeak to live on a pro at this sort of materials (I'm for sure not!) - Desenio has a swell create your gallery wall tool which is truly slow to purpose too perfect for figuring out which prints too frames decease amongst which too the sizes you'll bespeak to order.

Another swell motion (which I tin give notice recommend!) was to record newspaper templates of the prints to the wall to encounter how they'd expect too play some amongst gaps etc. The beauty of this, is that i time you're happy amongst the layout you lot tin give notice hammer the nails through the newspaper too so tear it away - too so you're laid to go! Happy wall, happy husband!

So pleased nosotros mixed too matched the Desenio frames (two oak too iii black). The woods adds a lot of warmth which is of import when the bulk of the prints are dark too white.

I promise you lot similar the results every bit much every bit I do!

If you're looking for fine art for your walls, the code “designsummer” gives 25% off posters* at Desenio betwixt Tuesday 13th too Th 15th of March, 2018 (bargain!).

*Except on the handpicked / collaboration poster category too frames.

Now all that's left is for me to decease too chill inwards my window nook for a few hours (now, wouldn't that live on nice?! Bah! Not going to happen!).

Have a happy day!

Photography: Niki Brantmark / Interior designer: Genevieve Jorn

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