Old Meets Novel Inwards A Charming Swedish Home - DESIGN SUMMER

Old Meets Novel Inwards A Charming Swedish Home

Hej hej! How are you lot today? In the mood for a Swedish abode tour? If so, you're inwards the correct place! I beloved the relaxed experience of this 2 bedchamber storey inwards Gothenburg too the remainder betwixt novel nordic (that &tradition light!), classic icons (Ant chair, I'm looking at you!) too vintage finds (credenzas galore!). Enjoy the tour!

Photography: Alen Cordic. Styling: Emma Fischer. For sale through Bjurfors

Isn't it lovely? Anything stand upward out to you?

I'm oft looking for ways to hang photos too I beloved the slightly higgledy-piggledy organisation of frames inwards the bedroom, it looks similar you lot tin easily add together to it when the mood takes you lot too!

And of course of report there's that aforementioned pendant low-cal - lately spotted inwards this too this abode too. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 novel favourite on the Swedish interior scene?

Have a lovely day!

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