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Simple Easter Tabular Array Diy: Bunny Ear Napkins

If you're looking to create something a picayune extra this Easter only don't accept much fourth dimension - these bunny ear napkins are so slow to brand too expect super cute on the table!

- Square napkin (any fabric - fifty-fifty newspaper works!)
- An egg (you may similar to opt for unlike colours for each identify setting). 
- String or ribbon
- Scissors (for cutting string)
- Baby's breath or other pretty flowers (optional!)


And that's it! Five minutes too you'll accept an entire tabular array of bunnies!

Here are mine inwards activity on our Easter table.

Wishing yous a lovely Easter break!

PS I'll move dorsum hither early on side past times side week. 

PS Don't forget to come inwards the spring give-away to win a TRIWA watch!

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