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Small Spaces: A Dreamy Swedish Pad

It tin endure thus tricky to strike the correct residuum betwixt cosy as well as calm inward a small-scale living space, don't yous agree? But I mean value the possessor behind this dreamy story inward Gothenburg has totally nailed it! Measuring a teeny 42 foursquare metre (452 foursquare feet), the early on 20th century ii room story is fresh as well as light, withal a wonderful cosy, calm as well as serene soul. How I'd honey to endure padding some hither spell the snowfall falls exterior today, fancy joining me?!

The beautiful chestnut throw (similar here) as well as linen cushion assistance the cosy living room corner to popular - as well as don't yous also honey how the blush linen tabular array cloth adds subtle coloring to the dining room. 

Classic this post I of late dedicated to the 'indoor climber'?! Such a big fan, how close you?). 

 The carpeting is perfect for carving out a distinct living room zone as well as helping to larn inward experience snug. I also similar the usage of multi-purpose article of furniture similar the tray tabular array (this is a fab one).

Using majority shelves equally a bedside tabular array is also a non bad space-saving idea. You could also add together a clamp light (like this one) to usage for reading. 

I honey the hallway inward this domicile - The forest cladding on the wall-to-wall wardrobe adds such a cosy acquit on as well as the built-in seating nook is perfect for getting dressed or getting out of the door! Slim article of furniture similar this desk are perfect for narrow spaces (shelf desks are also handy!).

Photography courtesy of Alvhem where this lovely story is currently for sale.

All inward all, a perfect footling living infinite - don't yous think?!

Could yous imagine living here?!

In representative you're await out for to a greater extent than inspiration, yous tin uncovering a whole charge of small-scale domicile tours here (scroll passed if this comes upwards first!). 

I promise yous convey a wonderful start to the week!

PS In representative yous didn't larn a peril to terminate past times on Friday, there's an interview amongst the creative duad behind Our Food Stories as well as a tour of their lovely Berlin story as well as countryside retreat here (you mightiness only larn an thought for tonight's supper too!). Hope yous experience equally inspired reading it equally I did creating it!

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