A Berlin Abode Of Many Colours - DESIGN SUMMER

A Berlin Abode Of Many Colours

Guten morgen! I promise you're feeling fiiiine? Looking through the survey responses a few weeks dorsum I noticed the asking for to a greater extent than 'colour' (gulp!). You know me - I'm sort of color shy. I intend it comes from living inward Sweden for xiv years! Don't larn me wrong, Scandinavian homes often characteristic color - but it's often exercised amongst a huge amount of restraint, too hues tend to locomote of the muted, earthy variety. Done correct however, splashes of brilliant hues too accent walls tin flame position a existent limit inward your stair too build your domicile that to a greater extent than interesting. H5N1 fine illustration of this tin flame locomote seen inward the Berlin domicile of Franziska. I caught upward amongst her to respect out more...

 The greenish inward the kitchen is a mixed 'Schöner Wohnen' color, code 04.031.02

I honey the role of color inward your domicile it's subtle yet bold inward equal measure, create you lot accept a go-to pigment brand?
I honey the colors yesteryear Farrow too Ball. The color choices at Jotun are neat too, but unfortunately they are non available inward Germany.

The greenish is carried through to the hallway to give the bird a cohesive look. I 1 time styled a domicile amongst a dark hall (for The Scandinavian Home) too the possessor told me the darker color does wonders to cover a messy entrance-way. Got to honey that!

It's fun to run across ii dissimilar accent walls inward 1 room. How did you lot direct the color combination?
My all fourth dimension favourite colours are blue, greenish too pink. To these, I combine 'playing colours', for illustration inward the shape of pillows, pictures or flowers that modify frequently. Everything inspires me: films too series, art, fashion, nature...

Franziska's domicile percentage is painted inward Farrow too Ball 'Hague Blue' too Jotun 'Warm Blush'. H5N1 zingy yellow eames chair adds or too hence other dimension to the color scheme. 

Do you lot accept whatsoever tips for anyone looking to innovate color into their home?
In lodge to direct a color you lot e'er accept to consider the light, the room too the surrounding colors. That's why I would role a large color sample, pinning it on the wall too watching it modify over the class of the day. Otherwise: Just try it! H5N1 wall is chop-chop re-painted too gives the room its ain character.

The dusty rose bed linen (source like here) too ochre cushion (this is similar - too budget friendly!) await pretty against the calm Farrow too Ball 'Light Blue' wall.

Where did you lot larn the paradigm your bed, it's too hence beautiful?
It's a photograph from Billy too Hells, ii photographers from Germany. I bought it from Lumas.

And finally, what create you lot honey most nearly your home?
The cozy, relaxed atmosphere inward which I tin flame alive my creativity. The bird is too hence beautiful amongst its high ceilings, the former large windows, the hinged door too the floorboards, that it is the perfect canvas that looks proficient with everything.

All photography ©Franziska / Lieblingsblicke

I specially honey the tip to simply become for the color - equally it tin flame e'er locomote re-painted. Words to alive yesteryear indeed!

Here's a summary of the telephone substitution colours used inward Franziska's home: 

From left to right:  Schöner Wohnen' color, code 04.031.02, Farrow too Ball 'Hague Blue', Farrow too Ball 'Light Blue' wall too Jotun 'Warm Blush'.

You tin flame run across to a greater extent than snapshots of Franziska's lovely domicile over on her instagram feed Lieblingsblicke

Thank you lot too hence much for inviting us into your domicile Franziska!

Looking for to a greater extent than color inspiration? This archive has tons of it (if this domicile pops upward first, you lot know the drill... simply scroll on passed!). 

Have a härlig dag!

PS If you're intrigued nearly what's going downwardly at Milan Salone del Mobile it's all on my Stories!

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