A Clutter-Free Finnish Habitation Alongside The Loveliest Childrens' Rooms - DESIGN SUMMER

A Clutter-Free Finnish Habitation Alongside The Loveliest Childrens' Rooms

I seem to hold upwardly going through a contemporary Finnish stage correct now: there's something virtually the light, minimalist mode inwards item that feels similar a existent mid-week breath of fresh air. Do yous experience the same? If as well as therefore you'll dear 1 of my latest finds: the habitation of Melina, Niko, children Minea as well as Noah as well as French bulldog Pablo. The newly built open-plan work solid has been decorated inwards shades of white, low-cal grey, tan as well as beige as well as is total of low-cal as well as completely clutter-free (it's the form of identify that fifty-fifty the mess looks pretty) as well as notwithstanding feels work solid unit of measurement friendly likewise (the kids rooms rock!).  Ready to accept a peek?

my bedroom as well as yous tin simply run into a glimpse of the lovely Saxe lounge chair. Tips on sofa inwards the comment department welcome (it looks real much similar the Bolia 1 I used to have).

I dear this combination of the dark string shelving system against low-cal forest - as well as therefore striking! 

Nordström sell a canvas play tent similar this one. 

What a dream bedroom?! From the gym equipment (from Suomen Voimistelurenkaat) to the pelting drib wall stickers (these are fairly unproblematic to brand yourself but yous tin also pick upwardly about simply similar these) as well as of course, the bed (made past times Niko).

Photography: Melina / Mini Show

And at that spot yous conduct keep it, a contemporary, clutter-free habitation that's perfect for children.

Anyone else thinking of attacking their habitation alongside a dark bin bag?!

See to a greater extent than pics of Melina's habitation over on her blog as well as instagram feed - where she also shares children's vesture finds, toys as well as recipes (yes, she also bakes a mean cake) -  it's inwards Finnish, but there's ever expert sometime google translate! And every bit ever at that spot are a charge to a greater extent than wonderful Finnish homes to explore right here too.  

Hyvää päivän jatkoa! (I promise this agency 'have a dandy day' inwards Finnish...).

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