A Modern Family On Sweden's Westward Coast - DESIGN SUMMER

A Modern Family On Sweden's Westward Coast

Complete chaos hither this morning time afterward coming dwelling on a really belatedly flying from Edinburgh final night. My wretched girls were thence tired getting off to schoolhouse (bad nurture award) too human being influenza has striking the solid *horror of horrors*! Fortunately, 1 time they were all sorted, I headed off to a wonderful workshop at Summer Will Be Back (great name, beautiful illustrations!) inwards Copenhagen (more on Insta stories!). And thence I striking upon the Swedish dwelling of Karin Boo Wiklander inwards Gothenburg, Sweden too may twenty-four hr current actually perked up! Karin is a photographer, stylist too the PR & Inhouse Manager at Boråstapeter, Engblad & Co too Cole & Son. If y'all dearest modern architecture, build clean aesthetics, concrete floors too muted colours - this solid is for you! 

 Carl Hansen Wishbone chairs, Kvist lamp, Paleo vase, Chevron Aluminium Mat

What a fabulous house? I dearest the concrete flooring (such a big fan!).

Is in that place anything that caught your eye?

If y'all fancy seeing a few to a greater extent than angles, in that place are lots of lovely images of Karin's dwelling over on her blog too instagram!

Right. I'd improve teach dwelling too tend to my family! I am armed amongst newly sown seeds from my workshop - produce these count equally flowers?!

Have a lovely twenty-four hr current / evening! 

PS the winner of a TRIWA sentinel from the saltation collection has right away been announced here!

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