An Inspiring Finnish Abode Amongst An Chemical Subdivision Of Surprise - DESIGN SUMMER

An Inspiring Finnish Abode Amongst An Chemical Subdivision Of Surprise

It was such a long spell since I featured a Finnish home, wasn't it?! I accept absolutely no take in why since I honey Finnish style. In fact, ane of the highlights of my minute mass The Scandinavian Home was that I got to see Republic of Finland for the showtime fourth dimension as well as photograph ii inspiring homes. Naturally both had saunas (they are such an integral business office of daily life that at that topographic point are said to hold upwards to a greater extent than saunas inward Republic of Finland than cars!) - simply alongside ane beingness inward the countryside as well as ane inward the urban heart as well as individual the ii styles were real different. The domicile of interior pattern as well as lifestyle blogger Sini Liikala, her hubby as well as ii children reminds me real much of the minute identify nosotros visited. It's modern, vivid as well as minimalist alongside a beautiful, large open-plan living space.  But it also harbours an chemical gene of the unexpected...

In the kitchen, sleek, white kitchen cabinets from Finnish laid upwards Topi Keittiot  (IKEA sells similar) are broken upwards yesteryear a dark mat faucet as well as sink (both Tapwell) . The shelves inward a higher identify are laden alongside ceramic as well as glassware including the classic Oiva Stoneware Teapot* yesteryear Marimekko (loving the gentle silhouettes).

I similar how Sini has combined marble (the large foursquare tiles are from Tarratinta) alongside forest flooring to create a distinct kitchen zone as well as add together a lorry charge of warmth! I'm non certain if you're thinking what I'm thinking: how virtually stubbing a toe inward the night?! On closer inspection however, it looks similar the forest flooring has a soft gradual edge. The oak bar stools are from Hay as well as the lights are the Artek A110 pendant (FYI!). 

 "I retrieve our domicile is quite a typical modern Finnish house. Nowadays people similar to laid upwards modern houses alongside large opened upwards spaces, large windows as well as minimalist shapes. Although, I silent retrieve our domicile is quite unique as well as looks similar us."

The menage unit of measurement dining expanse includes to a greater extent than or less existent Scandinavian classics including the Artek beehive light as well as wishbone chairs. I similar how the inclusion of a dark chair balances the dining expanse alongside the dark door behind (US readers - cheque out Target's budget friendly look alike!). The white storage cabinet inward the background (and below) is yesteryear Finnish laid upwards Lundia.

"The best affair virtually our domicile is that nosotros accept a large opened upwards infinite which incorporates a kitchen, dining room as well as living room. It agency nosotros tin john all hold upwards together equally a menage unit of measurement simply at that topographic point is silent plenty infinite for everyone to exercise their ain things if needed."

Despite the opened upwards space, Sini has created a cosy spot for the menage unit of measurement to relax (I bet it's fifty-fifty toastier when the fire's going!) using layers of textiles (including a Beni ourain rug), plants as well as a raft of novel nordic pattern pieces such equally a pinkish Ferm Living Plant Box (I've got my optic on that, how virtually you?!) as well as the Around java table.

"I retrieve that the best interiors come upwards alongside time, as well as years select unlike interesting layers to it. I commonly purchase article of furniture that I promise volition final decades as well as tell the story of our domicile to our visitors."

 "Every interior conduct says that all the rooms should hold upwards inward 'perfect harmony' alongside each other to create a consummate look. I am quite a 'safe' decorator who loves neutral tones simply I wanted to accept ane room alongside a completely unlike look." 

To accomplish the darker look,  Sini covered the dorsum wall alongside bold floral wallpaper from Ellie Cashman Design (if you lot accept the fourth dimension you lot must cheque out this insta feed!). The ease of the room has been painted inward Stiffkey Blue from Farrow & Ball. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 rattan pendent from Bloomingville, as well as an IKEA bench as well as cabinet add together a soft, low-cal affect to the overall look.

"I actually honey our sleeping room because it's similar going to a completely unlike land! It's dark as well as kinda romantic as well as that's what I similar inward a bedroom. People are ever as well as then surprised when they larn into the room! They're similar "wow! this is awesome!" it's non what you'd facial expression from our domicile when you lot facial expression at the other rooms. And that's why I honey it as well as then much, it's my hidden bloom garden."

"We accept dark window frames as well as then I figured dark doors would larn good alongside them. I also wanted to add together an 'edge' to the interior since most of our walls are white. I accept non regretted them, I honey them!"

Thank you lot as well as then much for inviting us into your domicile Sini! Love that you lot accept broken the pattern rules as well as followed your pump - that's what makes a draw solid a domicile - don't you lot think?

If you'd similar to know where to a greater extent than of the items reach me a call inward the comment department below as well as I'll exercise my best to help. Sini is also neat at tagging her images over on instagram, as well as then you lot tin john ever cheque at that topographic point equally good (and take in to a greater extent than of her domicile over on her blog!)!

If you lot fancy taking a peek at to a greater extent than homes inward Republic of Finland today, how virtually this home inward a converted factory,  a living infinite where onetime meets new as well as the calm Finnish domicile of Anna Pirkola. Yup, the Finns know what they're doing when it comes to interiors!

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 piddling chip of Finnish trivia for you lot equally good - did you lot know that when a babe is born inward Republic of Finland they are given a box which includes every unmarried detail affair they mightiness ask for the best start inward life? The box itself is designed to hold upwards slept inward too! You tin john notice out to a greater extent than virtually what it contains as well as why they furnish it here (it makes for a fascinating read!).

Have a lovely twenty-four hours all!

All photography © Sini Liikala shared alongside form permission. 

*My Scandinavian Home posts include to a greater extent than or less affiliate links.

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