Before & After: My Purpose Make-Over - DESIGN SUMMER

Before & After: My Purpose Make-Over

Do you lot piece of work from home? I've been sitting at my piddling desk inward the corner of my sleeping accommodation for merely over 2 years now. There are many pluses together with minuses of working from home, but 1 of the things I genuinely dearest is having full autonomy over how my piece of work infinite looks - no LED strip lights inward sight! So why hadn't I done anything to spice it upwardly (I mean, actually spice it up) for over half dozen years?! The affair is, there's zilch incorrect amongst my role (it fifty-fifty appeared on the front comprehend of a book in 1 lawsuit upon a time!) but it began to experience well, a fleck tired together with I had started migrating to the kitchen tabular array or a nearby café instead (they practise serve nifty chocolates muffins together with thus it's sort of understandable!). Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 friend of mine from Greenland told me lately that if you're non using the infinite for the piece of work it's laid out for, you lot postulate to re-think it. Wise words indeed! It was fourth dimension to build a change...


The Area

My domicile role occupies a corner inward betwixt the stairs together with balcony at the far goal of our sleeping accommodation on the real locomote past times flooring of our house. The expanse I stimulate got to play amongst is pretty mini: about 3.4 metre foursquare (36 foursquare foot), which is opened upwardly on 1 side. Here's a quick overview of the dimensions (as you lot tin likely tell, I'm non a trained designer - the lines were drawn amongst the side of a magazine!) but I promise it gives you lot an thought of the area.

My Inspiration

Since changing my sleeping accommodation to warmer chestnut together with blushing peach tones inward the same open-plan room, I was keen to create to a greater extent than of a cohesive infinite (that's the work amongst doing something novel - it's exciting but has a full knock on consequence - bah!). 

While I wanted the role infinite to blend in, I also wanted to create a distinct infinite where I could sit down together with work, store all my books together with stimulate got all my bits together with bobs to hand: inward other words, a consummate mini role where I tin piece of work on my billion dollar deals (if only!). This meant re-configuring the infinite together with picking upwardly some novel pieces such equally a smaller desk to tally the shorter side of the infinite together with a row of shelving opposite. Here is the master copy moodboard (put together amongst the assist of designer extraordinaire my adjoining bedroom):

It has the warm brown, chestnut together with netural tones which I dearest together with felt earthy, calm together with relaxed.  I ended upwardly changing the artwork pick to acquire inward to a greater extent than personal together with swapped out the carpet for a similar 1 I already had.  See farther downwards the post service for the terminal selection!

The Paint:

I can't say you lot how nervous I was most the Norwegian Wood pigment colouring stuff (by Jotun) - it's quite perchance the boldest I've gone - eeeek! But I loved its warm, woody notes together with was willing to give it a go! I tested a sample on the wall (it's ever a proficient thought to discovery the colouring stuff over a release of days to encounter how it looks inward diverse lights) together with was together with thus thrilled amongst it!

To the pigment the entire wall I stripped away the shelving to the correct too. FYI I'm absolutely no paradigm together with decorating pro  - but I'm learning pigment splodge past times pigment splodge! After prepping the expanse amongst a damp cloth, record together with newspaper, I used a roller for the bigger areas (long strokes together with a generous amount of pigment is key) together with a smaller pigment brush to become about the edges together with tighter corners.

Oh yes, together with inward monastic say to create cohesiveness amongst the residual of the room I painted the entire wall below inward the same Norwegian Wood colour. Of course, in 1 lawsuit I finished, I realised the dorsum wall at in 1 lawsuit looked a piddling xanthous side past times side to my lovely novel accent wall - together with thus this required a fresh lick of white - phew!


With the pigment in conclusion finished it was fourth dimension for the fun part. To set the article of furniture together with all my gear dorsum inward place! Here's how it's looking...

I was together with thus happy to in conclusion acquire about to putting upwardly a moodboard of some of the items that inspire me correct now. One challenge I even together with thus stimulate got though is the radiator. While it's going to locomote nifty for keeping my toes toasty inward the winter, I'd much rather it was the same colouring stuff equally the wall - side past times side project?! 

Hanging the artwork!

I didn't desire to mess upwardly my new, sparkling white wall amongst trillions of unnecessary holes- together with thus I used an interior blueprint fob I learned from Gen a spell dorsum (you may stimulate got seen it inward this post). It's a actually condom agency to avoid making mistakes!

Here's a measurement past times measurement guide: 


1. Take a large curlicue of paper together with depict about each of the pictures you lot recollect to hang. Cut out the template.
2. Stick them on the wall amongst blu-tac - together with play about amongst the templates until you lot stimulate got a composition you're happy with. Quick tip I learned: artwork looks best if it's about 2 thirds of the width of the article of furniture beneath it (of class rules are at that topographic point to locomote broken together with this is definitely non an educational activity - to a greater extent than a guide if you're feeling stuck!).
3. Measure the distance of the claw on the dorsum of the film (both vertically together with horizontally)
4. Mark out the same spot on your template on the wall.
5. Hammer a smash through the marked out spot
6. Tear away the template leaving the smash inward identify together with you're create to rock!

I promise you lot similar the results! It was a fun project, but best of all I've got myself a shiny novel piece of work infinite (I'll stimulate got to practise a take-out on those muffins instead!!

I've set together a quick guide on where a few of the items are from below. If I've missed anything merely give me a scream inward the comment department below!
Get The Look

1. Gurilla Portrait H
2. The MANTIS lamp
3. Desk w/drawers, oak, nature
4. EKET cabinet
5. Hubsch Metal dark Table lamp
6. Norwegian Wood pigment past times Jotun
7. Washed white linen curtains
8. Carpet amongst fringes
9. Black Scissors from Hubsch
10. Desk organizer

If this has given you lot the incentive to update your workspace you lot mightiness similar to stimulate got a snoop about this archive (if this pops upwardly start merely hop over equally always!).

Have a lovely 24-hour interval all!

Photography / styling : Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home. Interior Design direction: Genevieve Jorn. Thank you lot to all the brands that helped contribute to this make-over past times gifting items. The post service contains some affiliated links.

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