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For The Dearest Of Linen!

Linen has to last the prettiest fabric, don't yous think? I've noticed it's sneaked it's agency into all areas of my dwelling - the kitchen, the sleeping accommodation as well as fifty-fifty my sitting room! So, what is it nigh this fabric? Made from the flax plant, linen has as well as thence many bang-up qualities: it keeps it's shape, it's resistant to dust, has non-allergenic qualities, it's durable as well as feels soft as well as cool to acquit upon - exactly best of all perhaps, it looks extra pretty slightly wrinkled as well as thence there's no involve to transcend the Fe out! Right now, to a greater extent than or less of the best linen is coming out of Lithuania, a terra firma known for it's skilled craftsmanship. One of my favourites is Iconic Linen who build items from handcrafted, stonewashed linen made from 100% pure flax that's natural as well as chemic costless as well as thence it's soft as well as sort to your pare (and they ship worldwide!). Here's a quick round-up of to a greater extent than or less of my favourite pieces:

Linen Table Cloths

With summertime on it's way, I'm loving the natural as well as white striped tabular array cloth (it has a truthful Swedish summertime cottage experience nigh it, don't yous think?!). If yous prefer a trivial to a greater extent than color in that place are iii others to choose from. And they sell linen napkins to match!

Linen Tea Towels

The kitchen hit also includes a charge of linen tea towels (check out the green one) as well as linen aprons (I guide hold a linen apron at dwelling as well as fifty-fifty though I'm hopeless at baking, I feel the business office as well as thence much to a greater extent than inwards it than when I'm wearing my ancient, waxed apron amongst cats (hmmm, funny that!).

Linen bedding

Bed linen is where the 100% European flax comes into play (this is what yous desire for softness against the skin) as well as the iconic linen hit is stonewashed, carefully handcrafted as well as super soft. Once over again I'm loving the 'Swedish cottage' bed educate - exactly I'd also accept the blue as well as white striped (seen at the top of this post), white as well as dusty rose (not at all swayed past times that painting exhibit of the breakfast inwards bed... honest!). You tin sack cheque out the consummate hit here.

Linen Fabrics past times the Metre

And finally, I dearest that all the Iconic Linen color ways are available to purchase by the metre as well as thence yous tin sack build your ain linen creations.

Small side note: at Christmas nosotros stayed at a friends household who had linen waffle duvet covers -  I've been wondering where to honour them always since. Perhaps I should inquire Iconic Linen to whisk upwardly a bespoke couplet (remember inwards Scandinavia it's customary to purpose 2 unmarried duvets instead of a double!), what produce yous think?

Is in that place anything yous are tempted by?

If you'd similar to encounter more, yous tin sack cheque out the consummate collection here.

Have a cosy day!

This postal service is inwards collaboration amongst Iconic Linen, yet all words are my ain as well as I exclusively always recommend brands I dearest as well as mean value yous volition too. Thank yous for supporting the brands that build My Scandinavian Home possible.

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