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Igor's Happy, Plant-Filled Space

Tjena! It's been corking to instruct to know other bloggers over the years. I tin choke a niggling stir crazy at dwelling hateful solar daytime inward hateful solar daytime out past times myself sometimes in addition to these guys cause got choke an amazing back upward network. We oft instruct together inward somebody or online to part ideas (and cause got a laugh). Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 few months dorsum I met Igor Josifovic (such a corking guy!) - creator of the hugely pop Happy Interior Blog in addition to co-author of the best selling majority Urban Jungle. Igor late moved apartments inward Munich in addition to has ready most turning his novel identify into ane happy dwelling too. I caught upward amongst him before this calendar week to detect out to a greater extent than most his dwelling in addition to honey of all things greenish (and blue!).

How would you lot pull your style?
I would say it is a really personal means higher upward all total amongst details in addition to hints most my character, my interests, my passions. I similar to pull it every bit an eclectic bohemian mix of vintage in addition to contemporary items amongst a nod to timeless Scandinavian design.

Would you lot say you lot are quite thrifty?
I intend in addition to therefore every bit I actually taste thrifting in addition to finding items for the dwelling amongst a previous life. But I honey to combine - I similar to fit vintage finds amongst novel items for a to a greater extent than contemporary look.

Where did your honey of plants come upward from?
I intend it is something that reaches dorsum to my childhood when my mum had lots of plants inward our home. In full general I honey the nature in addition to anything natural in addition to therefore plants are an obvious obsession. And I taste the fact that you lot tin convey inward a chip of nature into your dwelling amongst houseplants. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 dwelling without plants feels utterly void to me.

Do you lot cause got a favourite plant?
Oh this is similar bespeak a nurture if they cause got a favorite kid haha. They are all particular in addition to unique inward their means in addition to I honey them all. I tend to cause got some inclinations to for sure plants or flora families from fourth dimension to fourth dimension though. Currently I taste my Staghorn fern amongst its lush in addition to crazy leafage every bit good every bit my tropical Philodendron Red Emerald.

Do you lot cause got whatever tips for anyone looking to commencement their ain urban jungle (or exactly introducing to a greater extent than plants to their home?
Tip release ane is our majority Urban Jungle - Living in addition to Styling amongst Plants. Together amongst my Urban Jungle Bloggers friend in addition to co-founder Judith I wrote this majority for anyone looking to innovate to a greater extent than plants into their homes in addition to lives. I also encourage people to choke measuring past times measuring in addition to refrain from trendy impulse shopping. Give it some persuasion in addition to inform yourself most the flora inward guild to choke along it happy in addition to thriving in addition to avoid whatever disappointments. After all a flora is a living matter also in addition to it is corking if nosotros grapple to choke along them alive, right?!

I honey the deep bluish hues inward your home, produce you lot cause got a go-to pigment colour?
I tend to expect at the hues offered past times Farrow & Ball every bit good every bit Kolorat, a immature in addition to up-and-coming High German pigment label. I cause got opted for 2 bluish hues from Kolorat inward my novel storey in addition to I honey them - the pigment codes are K/74-46-10-59/T inward the sleeping accommodation (dark blue) in addition to inward the kitchen in addition to hallway (medium blue).

All photography: Igor Josifovic / Happy Interior Blog

s been corking to instruct to know other bloggers over the years Igor's Happy, Plant-filled Space

1. Antique Farsi Area Rug
2. Wooden Monkey
3. KALLAX Shelf Unit
4. Velvet Cushion Cover
5. Cotton Velvet Cushion Cover
6. Bommel Korb
7. String Pocket
8. 3-Sitzer Tom Sofa
9. Cotton Tablecloth
10. Rattan Basket Square
11. Kissenhülle T-Bamboo
12. Tabouret pliable
13. Korb • RAUTEN
14. State of Independence
15. Tropical Green Rug
16. Bølling Tray Table

Thanks in addition to therefore much for showing us approximately your dwelling Igor!

You tin follow his latest renovations in addition to projects over on his blog in addition to instagram - in addition to detect to a greater extent than urban jungle inspiration inward his wonderful best selling majority here.

Have a lovely day!

PS I'd honey it if you lot cause got the fourth dimension to pop into my blog survey - it solely accept a few minutes to consummate in addition to it would live on actually helpful to detect out your thoughts on My Scandinavian Home in addition to ways I tin ameliorate it. As a give thank you lot you I'm giving away 3 signed copies of my Lagom majority too!

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