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My Scandinavian Domicile Survey / Signed Lagom Majority Winners!

Thank y'all together with thence much to everyone who responded to my outset always weblog survey. I received over 1300 responses - amazing! I'm currently reading through every unmarried answer together with jotting downwards your feedback - both positive together with 'constructive' - all of which is incredibly helpful together with volition hopefully assist to brand My Scandinavian Home an fifty-fifty meliorate oasis for us all to catch each day. Please experience gratis to hold your thoughts together with feedback coming through the weblog comment department together with personal mails. I'm all ears!

What looking through survey responses may convey looked similar inward the days earlier calculator (reminds me of university- does that brand me ancient?!)
Oh hang on. Didn't I hope to give-away iii signed copies of my lagom book too?! alongside PLEASURE! Drum ringlet please....

And the winners are.... *opens envelope*!

Becca Tait Smith
Emma Thun
Sara García

Please drib me a Federal Reserve annotation via electronic mail together with I'll seat your copies inward the post! I hope y'all bask it!

Wishing y'all all a wonderful weekend!

PS I'm lamentable this proclamation is 2 days belatedly (red face). To respect the entry requirements I've solely included people inward the prize line who responded past times midnight quaternary April. But thank y'all to all who convey continued to respond, together with thence happy for all input!

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