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New Interior Book: How The French Live

Heads upwards (or noses in?!), there's a novel interior majority on the shelves! Curator of ane of my favourite blogs French By Design (if yous don't follow her already, it's a must!) Siham Mazouz launched her debut tome How the French Live finally calendar month - in addition to it's a beauty! Si moved from the South of French Republic to the USA ix years ago. The majority features xiv French homes each amongst their ain relaxed, yet chic mode in addition to every chapter closes amongst a household unit of measurement recipe to prolong the warmth of the hospitality they've shared. I caught upwards amongst Si to notice out more.

"Modern French families tend to mix in addition to fit décor elements from dissimilar eras in addition to styles to practise unique interiors that stand upwards for them."

I know merely how much move goes into a majority in addition to was so impressed yous wrote it, did the styling in addition to took all the photography - what a feat!!
"I wrote all the content in addition to shot all the pictures but the styling credits larn the homeowners. They did an amazing task preparing their dwelling for my visit; I actually wanted this majority to move an authentic window into the French civilization in addition to these families' lifestyles, so you'll consider electrical cables in addition to hidden objects of 'real' life, because this is how an interior actually looks." 

"(In France) meals are a agency to connect, to exchange, to construct memories. I thence asked each household unit of measurement to portion their signature recipe".

What would yous similar people to receive got away from your book?
"I’d dearest for people to approach their décor inwards a simpler, to a greater extent than intuitive in addition to authentic way; allow larn of rules in addition to pressures to fit decor standards (less house) in addition to focus on what actually matters (more home). In the end, our dwelling is where the magic happens in addition to where nosotros construct memories amongst people who thing to us; Have fun decorating your nest in addition to allow your dwelling say your personal story!"

What are your fondest memories from the project?
"My fondest retentivity is yesteryear far the human connections I made spell visiting these 14 families. Because I was a one-woman show, I was recording all conversations on a small-scale recorder spell shooting the infinite in addition to chatting amongst the homeowner. It led to deeper exchanges in addition to a whole novel approach to décor: the human floor behind the infinite I was photographing. This was amazing."

It must experience so personal to yous - what was it similar finally getting the majority inwards your hands? 
It was a surreal moment; I was an emotional mess, bursting of joy in addition to trigger-happy upwards amongst emotion at the same time, when I finally held my kickoff physical re-create of How The French live. It was so foreign to consider all my work, edited through months in addition to months of work, copywriting while listening to hours of vice recordings, caption writing, all gathered inwards ane book. I felt proud in addition to rattling humbled at the same time, I even so practise when I plough the pages of the majority in addition to I oftentimes receive got a grinning on my human face upwards because I holler upwards my consider amongst each of these lovely families.

Thank yous so much for telling us well-nigh your lovely majority Si! I know I'll move dipping inwards in addition to out for inspiration (and the strange recipe similar the grilled fig in addition to burrata salad!).

If you'd similar to choice upwards a re-create it's available here:

How the French Live: Modern French Style Si moved from the South of French Republic to the USA ix years agone New Interior Book: How The French Live

Have a lovely day!

All Photography (except the comprehend shot in addition to spreads which I photographed on my kitchen tabular array before today!) are yesteryear Siham Mazouz for How the French Live, reprinted yesteryear permission of Gibbs Smith.

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