Suvi's Beautiful Modern Abode On Finland's Due West Coast - DESIGN SUMMER

Suvi's Beautiful Modern Abode On Finland's Due West Coast

Hei, Kuinta voit? ('hi, how are you' inward Finnish I hope!). It's Friiiiday - woohooooo! I ever notice it thence difficult to concentrate at the halt of the week, don't you? (it could endure the thought of a G+T on H2O ice merely some the corner!). Tomorrow we're heading to the trouble solid unit of measurement cottage a footling farther upwards the coast where I'm hoping to conduct maintain some long walks (the nature is beautiful upwards there). H5N1 daughter subsequently my ain pump on the nature forepart is Suvi Melender-Lågland who lives on the beautiful West coast of Republic of Finland amongst her husband, children, Daniel as well as Fiona as well as 2 cats. Suvi's inspiring weblog Valkoinen Harmaja as well as instagram feed features snapshots from her modern Scandinavian habitation peppered amongst intermittent pictures of the incredible nature that surrounds it. Let's conduct maintain a peek within Suvi's world!

Rocking chair, Round mirror: Save / splurge, Kähler Omaggio vase.

How would yous depict your style? 
Modern scandinavian amongst a cosy twist.

What's your destination when it comes to decorating?
I desire to create a timeless interior, which I spice upwards amongst small-scale trendy items. Interior trends tin endure seen inward textiles as well as smaller accessories.

Would yous tell your habitation is fairly minimalist?
I am non a minimalist inward the strict sense. It is of import to me that habitation feels cosy as well as inviting - non also styled.

Can yous spot the TV?! Maybe my greenhouse make-over in conclusion summertime mightiness hand yous a clue?! It's the Samsung The Frame disguised every bit art!

If yous had to selection i Finnish designer who would it be?
My all fourth dimension favourite Finnish designer is Alvar Aalto.

I dearest Suvi's bedroom, it's thence pretty! There's something nearly the combination of dusty pinkish bedding (this i is similar) against the St Paul's Blue yesteryear Jotun Lady wall colour. It also helps that i of my favourite lights (the Formakami yesteryear &Tradition) has also been thrown into the mix (remember it from this home?). 

The bespoke headboard has been painted inward the same St.Paul's blue every bit the wall as well as doubles upwards every bit a shelf - such a clever thought when infinite is of a premium. I intend I prefer this to the wall mounted shelf, there's something cosier nearly it, what practice yous think? Suvi has shared the DIY instructions here (in Finnish but the pictures are helpful!).

Do yous conduct maintain whatever tips for anyone looking to convey Finnish style into their home?
Use (Finnish designers) Aalto furniture as well as Iittala as well as Marimekko. Keep everything uncomplicated as well as minimalistic.

And finally, where would yous recommend people to see inward Finland?
I would recommend spending fourth dimension inward nature - it is real inspiring! Beautiful areas inward Republic of Finland tin endure institute some the coast (we are merely starting to construct our summertime trouble solid yesteryear the bounding main as well as the nature is thence beautiful there!) every bit good every bit the East side where at that spot are thousands of lakes. Lapland is a keen identify to see inward the winter. Visit Finland shares some keen tips!

Thank yous thence much for inviting us into your globe Suvi!

You tin run into to a greater extent than of Suvi's habitation over on her sitting room dorsum inward 2014 (it's gone through quite a big transformation since then!).  

In example yous missed it, I shared some other Finnish habitation before on inward the calendar week here - both homes conduct maintain opted for blueish inward the chamber but the i from before inward the calendar week has a surprising twist!

And finally, if you're looking for a uncomplicated agency to contain Finnish style into your home, Suvi suggests adding a Finnish blueprint piece, as well as i of these beauties are a keen identify to start:

v Finnish Design Classics That expect Great inward Any Home

1. Artek A331 Beehive 2. Oiva teapot yesteryear Marimekko 3. Aalto Stool inward Birch 4. Aalto vase 5. Block light

If you're into bold as well as brilliant patterns - Marimekko sells some actually funky fabrics both for the habitation (check out this bedding!) as well as to apparel (this skirt is pretty!). And of course, no advert of Finnish blueprint would endure consummate without the Moomins! Who doesn't dearest the Moomins?!

Right. I intend that's it from me for the week! I promise yous conduct maintain some keen plans for the weekend! See yous Mon campers!


All photography © Suvi Melender-Lågland
My Scandinavian Home posts include affiliate links. 

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