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Teal Steals The Demo Inwards This Hamburg Apartment

Hello there! I promise you lot had a wonderful weekend in addition to the Sun is shining where you lot are too? I was thinking the other twenty-four hr menstruum nearly how moving abroad way novel countries driblet dead to a greater extent than accessible. Spending my childhood inwards South West England, nosotros could watch French Republic over the twenty-four hr menstruum (with a piddling planning!) in addition to living inwards Malmö, Hamburg is truly nearer than Stockholm (I then wishing I'd concentrated inwards my schoolhouse High German lessons now!). As a result,  I ofttimes plough to High German homes for inspiration (I'd dearest to withdraw heed nearly how the countries over your nearest edge inspire you!). The latest abode to choose guide maintain of my optic is that of Kristina Ahoi. Kristina lives inwards a magnificent flush inwards Hamburg amongst high ceilings, beautiful menstruum features (those roses!) in addition to an master copy parquet floor. But the existent demo stopper is the dramatic teal backdrop inwards the dining surface area which seems to makes everything pop! Let's accept a peek.

The kickoff query I asked Kristina was 'what is that beautiful pigment coloring inwards your dining area'? Possibly fifty-fifty earlier I'd said "hi". The respond is 'Jägergrün' 04.031.01 from High German pigment construct SCHÖNER WOHNEN. Isn't it the most perfect shade of teal?Oh in addition to the tabular array is past times Hay!

I exercise dearest a Marshall bluetooth speaker (I guide maintain the same at home, although slightly larger - but I similar that this i has a handgrip in addition to you lot tin deport it amongst you lot every bit you lot go!). 

I experience warm simply looking at the lovely rays of lite inwards this corner of Kristina's home, how nearly you? 

It's incredible what a divergence an injection of coloring from the kilim carpeting makes to the sitting room. This i is from On the Rugs in Hamburg but Loom & Field sell similar in addition to shipping worldwide. The sofa is mags past times Hay in addition to the pendant lite is the Petite Friture (this is a groovy contestation lite if you lot guide maintain relatively high ceilings in addition to a fairly large room). 

 All photography © Kristina Ahoi.

The wheel mountain also caught my eye. I've never seen i similar this before. It's basically a exceed adjustable metallic pole that runs from the flooring to the ceiling amongst a wheel attachment. I dearest that it's safely away from the white wall to avoid fossil oil / mud marks. Kristina's fifty-fifty attached a shelf too! What a perfect identify for a plant?!

Other examples of bikes beingness stored inwards a fab way include the solution inwards this Swedish home (possibly a piddling high  / awkward for daily purpose but perfect for anyone that a) has a rattling cool wheel in addition to b) uses it sporadically) in addition to this danish home (very practical - love Julie's wheel too!). Oh, in addition to if you're looking for a similar solution, this round-up of 12 best wheel racks is great. 

Is at that spot anything that caught your optic inwards Kristina's home?

You tin meet to a greater extent than angles from this lovely infinite on Kristina's instagram feed here

I promise you lot guide maintain a wonderful start to the week!

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