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15 Pocket-Sized Infinite Hacks To Larn From A Beautiful Danish Home

Hej, hvordan har du det? I stimulate got to acknowledge it's actually difficult to concentrate today - it's such a beautiful day! And when the Sun shines inwards Scandinavia it's non something to hold out taken for granted! I was thinking of taking the Stand Up Paddle out at lunchtime ('thinking' beingness the operative discussion since it's nonetheless a bone-chilling 12 degrees inwards the H2O - eeeek!). While I procrastinate - I stimulate got a infinite to percentage amongst you lot which totally makes staying indoors worthwhile! This is the domicile of Danish model Johanne Landbo too her boyfriend.  Located high upward inwards the eaves inwards the metropolis of Århus, Denmark, what the domicile lacks inwards size too ceiling height, it makes upward for inwards clever pocket-size infinite solutions too beautiful design. Velkommen!

1. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 clutter-free domicile creates the illusion of space. Johanne has used wall mounted flooring to ceiling shoe cabinets to banish shoes from the floor. 

2. Simple hooks hung over a door are actually handy for everyday items (I utilisation them inwards the bath too bedrooms inwards my ain home) - they also don't require whatever drilling, making them ideal for rental spaces!

Shoe cabinet, door claw too Sinnerlig stool all IKEA. This round handbasket bag is similar. 

3. Raising the ceiling to it's total acme too adding skylights helps to generate a loftier feel. Plus if you're lucky - you lot powerfulness halt upward amongst beautiful beams similar these (well worth their weight inwards hygge!).

Green Forest poster, this pendant light is similar. Source a runner similar this here.

4. I dearest these quondam warehouse windows betwixt the sleeping accommodation too hall. Replacing an internal wall amongst windows (new or vintage!) allows low-cal to filter through to darker areas too widens the await of a narrow space. Drawing across a mantle is a keen way to add together a picayune privacy too darkness at black time.

5. Multi-purpose article of furniture helps each item to larn that fleck further, for example, this Gjöra bed doubles upward every bit a identify to hang plants (or clothes).

6. Installing minimalist, bespoke wall-to-wall wardrobes helps to brand the most of every inch of a room too create a build clean await too feel. 

7. Johanne's domicile has been painted inwards a fresh, matt white throughout which bounces the low-cal around.

8. Flat wall-mounted volume shelves furnish a less intrusive identify to store magazines inwards a dead infinite betwixt the radiator too eaves. 

9. Stackable article of furniture is a pocket-size space's best friend! Here, the lower nest tabular array tin sack hold out tucked nether the higher tabular array when non inwards use.

10. If your sofa is inwards the middle of the room, suspension upward the (often cumbersome) dorsum of it amongst a bench that tin sack also hold out used for java tabular array books too other items.

11. Make total utilisation of ceiling height. Lesser used items tin sack hold out stored higher up. 

12. Wall mounted, flexible lighting (such every bit the Mantis) helps to clear flooring infinite too trim down the publish of directional lights, since they tin sack hold out rotated to where e'er you lot demand the light. 

13. Stackable, modular shelving similar Omar from IKEA assistance brand the most of awkward corners.

14. Opting for less bulky / to a greater extent than streamlined article of furniture similar the Adam stool past times FRAMA CPH volition attain a clutter-free, airy await too feel. 

15. Keeping the sentiment clear on the balcony gives a continuation of infinite (and agency you lot tin sack relish it fifty-fifty on a rainy day). 

Aaaa, I was too hence happy to break too hence many keen ideas to steal from Johannes home! Is in that place anything you lot flora especially helpful?

I also liked Charlie Cameron's tip on Thursday: to utilisation negative infinite throughout your domicile (I've been thinking a lot most this). 

You tin sack encounter to a greater extent than pictures of Johanne's beautiful domicile over on pocket-size infinite that's big on cosiness, a tiny 1 room apartment inwards Finland too Clever pocket-size infinite vogue inwards Stockholm

Have a keen commencement to the week!

All Photography: Johanne Landbo

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