A Calm Swedish Household Unit Of Measurement Dwelling Solid Built Inward The 1920'S - DESIGN SUMMER

A Calm Swedish Household Unit Of Measurement Dwelling Solid Built Inward The 1920'S

Hej hej! Hur mår du idag? We're all the same basking inward estrus inward Sweden which is unheard of for May. It's made me rattling grateful that our solid is a petty on the night side: it feels in addition to therefore overnice in addition to cool (the H2O ice mutual frigidity mojito's help also of course!). Perhaps that's why I was also drawn to the 1920's abode of Emelie Sundberg today. Emelie, her hubby in addition to ii children Noah (4) in addition to Ellie (1) in addition to domestic dog Charlie (see if yous tin spot him having a snooze!) alive inward the suburbs of Stockholm. The beautiful interior is awash alongside cool, calm greys in addition to greens in addition to dotted alongside plants, fresh cutting flowers in addition to a blend of warm textures. Enjoy!

Who needs a bathroom when a farmhouse sink volition create simply fine? Such a cute picture! Love the institute inward the window also (see my lead to hanging plants here in addition to indoor climbers here).

"What is most of import to me when it comes to creating a identify unit of measurement abode is to teach inward simple, cosy in addition to practical. For me, it's of import everything has its ain identify in addition to that it is slow to build clean up. But it must also last personal in addition to inviting." 

I've got the same my sitting room  in addition to I honey it inward the evenings. It lets of a lovely warm glow.  I also spy a Milk Table Lamp on the windowsill!

"I would depict my mode has Scandinavian, unproblematic in addition to alongside a lot of natural materials such every bit wood, linen in addition to stone. I honey to mix pattern classics alongside antique in addition to inherited furniture."

Emelie has embraced the master features of the 1920's solid in addition to opted for to a greater extent than of a traditional library experience inward the purpose which she has furnished it alongside a desk from IKEA in addition to an Eames chair. 

"What I honey most most our abode is the preserved master details from 1925. I also barbarous inward honey alongside the opened upwards flooring plan."

The rust coloured linen bedding adds a subtle shot of colouring fabric to the bedchamber in addition to looks slap-up alongside the green-grey wall.

There's in addition to therefore much to honey most Noah's room including the wall colouring fabric (from Beckers) in addition to matching curtains, Garbo&Friends bedding, Pink garland in addition to belly basket.

Aaaaah, in addition to therefore lovely - it's such a moving painting of serenity.

Did yous spot the doggy?!

Are at that topographic point whatever ideas you're looking to steal? 

You tin run across to a greater extent than of Emelie's abode on her blog in addition to instagram.

My daughter's simply got abode in addition to therefore we're heading downward to the body of body of water for a swim at i time (you mightiness hither the sizzle from there!).

Have a lovely evening!

PS Looking for something alongside brilliant colours? You'll honey the Swedish abode of home alongside dark floors in addition to vibrant hues!

Photography: Emelie Sundberg

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