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A Mini Precisely Mighty Stockholm Studio

It's all really good featuring regal, spacious apartments alongside dazzlingly high ceilings too sweeping staircases, but the reality is many of us alive inwards much smaller (but beloved) spaces! This trivial precious rock of a studio inwards Stockholm measures a mere 28 metres foursquare (301 foursquare feet) too has everything yous bespeak at your finger tips - too looks pretty too! There are or too then pocket-size infinite rules at that spot to move broken- too I for one, love how the owners accept gone for the big SMEG fridge too turned it into a fashion controversy - it but goes to show, yous don't ever bespeak to compromise! 

Floor plan

Photography: Fredric Boukari for Historiska Hem (found via Nordic Design alongside thanks).

In illustration you're working through the puzzle of furnishing a pocket-size space, hither are or too then things I've learned over the years which mightiness assist to accomplish your own, functional yet fashionable oasis.

v Things To Think About for a Small Space

1. It may seem obvious, but flexible items such equally tables that fold-away / extend too stackable chairs are ideal for homes where infinite is of a premium.
2. Use the total peak of a room too shop lesser used items higher up.
3. Opt for multipurpose article of furniture such equally a sofa bed, shelving that tin also move used for hanging (as seen inwards this home), too pieces that double upwards equally storage (there are or too then keen java tables alongside built inwards storage around!).
4. Work to create distinct zones using rugs / dissimilar flooring.
5. Use negative infinite to create an illusion of size - but don't move afraid to acquire for big pieces of article of furniture too!

Please experience gratuitous to add together whatsoever tips too tricks you've discovered inwards the comment section. 

More infinite love: 15 pocket-size infinite hacks to acquire from a Danish home, a small Swedish infinite that's big on cosiness, pocket-size infinite inspiration from a swedish home.

I'm heading upwards to Stockholm today to view the sitting room too bedroom make-over collaborations alongside them too then far, too then I'm actually excited to come across the squad inwards person!). I hope I also accept fourth dimension to nip into the Karolina Modig!). I'll move on stories if you'd similar to follow along!

I hope yous accept a fun hateful solar daytime too!


PS Anyone else all the same thinking most Purrli the Internet truthful cat from yesterday's post? More importantly though - what a fabulous home?! Loved the art!

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