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A Pearl Of A Habitation Inwards Stockholm!

Can I simply say, I've really loved writing my weblog lately! I lay this largely downwards to your input from the recent survey which has inspired me to force the boat out a footling to a greater extent than too characteristic a greater diverseness of styles, the strange quirky (yet fabulous) habitation too a tad to a greater extent than coloring cloth too pattern- tack så mycket! I promise you've enjoyed all the recent tours too! Today's home, is simply about other gem, too although unique, it's difficult non to autumn completely inwards dear amongst it!  Situated on Mariatorg inwards Stockholm, Anna Lidman too Mattias' functionalism storey has been decorated amongst an eclectic blend of furniture, unique blueprint too bespoke, handmade items. arctic gardener would endure proud!).

I promise you lot enjoyed the tour equally much equally I did! I read inwards Isabelle's post service that Anna too Mattias' habitation is all the same a piece of occupation inwards progress (the span combined ii apartments together to practise a bigger living area) - I can't await to come across what they practise next, how nearly you?!

See to a greater extent than pictures of the habitation here too a charge of inspiring Swedish habitation tours inwards the archive here!

I'm sitting inwards a café inwards Stockholm wiling away my final few hours earlier I caput dorsum to Malmö this evening. It's been such an inspiring trip - but now, equally it comes to a closed I can't await to come across the crazies dorsum habitation too give them a stor kram!

Have a slap-up evening! 

Photography © Isabelle Pedersen / shared amongst sort permission.

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