A Thoughtfully Curated Dutch Identify Unit Of Measurement Abode - DESIGN SUMMER

A Thoughtfully Curated Dutch Identify Unit Of Measurement Abode

Well, I practise believe we've made it guys: it's Friday! And the Sun is shining. Hurraaaa! I promise you've got about fun plans for the weekend? But please don't acquire quite silent equally I cause got the prettiest describe of piece of job solid to part alongside yous ! This precious rock of a household unit of measurement abode inwards Tilburg city, North Brabant, Kingdom of the Netherlands belongs to Ilona Polycen (also known equally @mamoesjka_nl), her partner Daniel together with 2 sons Tycho (13) together with Fender (7). The thoughtfully decorated interior is characterised past times subtle shades of pastel, soft light  wood, one-off pieces together with vintage touches. I caught upwards alongside Ilona to abide by out more.

How would yous depict your interior style?
I similar a fresh white canvass decorated alongside vintage, pattern or handmade items, to a greater extent than oftentimes than non inwards fresh or soft pastel colours. I’d much rather cause got 1 exceptional that I actually dearest rather than 5 things I simply like. I don’t store on impulse. I volition ever accept my fourth dimension earlier I purchase something for my home.

Do yous have  a favourite spot?
You’ll oftentimes abide by me sitting on my pinkish home-made bench. It’s my favourite location inwards the house, where I write, scroll through Instagram together with sit down alongside household unit of measurement together with friends. From my bench, I also cause got a clear stance of the balance of the living room together with the open-plan kitchen.

Do yous update your abode often?!
I dearest to piece of job my abode equally my exam lab. If I haven’t painted anything for a few weeks, the pigment tins literally telephone call upwards out to me from the closet.

Where practise yous shop?
I similar to search the mesh for novel treasures. I await for both novel together with second-hand items together with pattern pieces equally good equally less expensive finds. For me, it’s real of import that they’re non things that everybody likes together with buys. I desire materials that is unique together with is available on a modest scale. For that reason, I ever search for modest websites or designers that sell their ain work. It’s together with hence much to a greater extent than fun to brand a modest independent venture happy past times purchasing about of their products than to purchase something from a large retail chain.

Do yous cause got a favourite piece?
My favourite slice of article of furniture is the vintage closet that my partner together with I bought at a thrift store. I actually loved it when I get-go saw it, but nosotros both idea it was far likewise expensive (the closet was non inwards the best condition) together with nosotros left the store without buying it. But shortly I had minute thoughts together with nosotros rapidly went dorsum 1 time to a greater extent than together with bought it. We gave the piffling closet about dearest alongside petroleum together with forest glue together with I at 1 time intend he’ll rest forever!

Chrysanthemum wallpaper past times William Morris

25Lamp, this mustard waffle throw is similar.

What's your best abode decorating tip?
I similar to practise things my ain way. I intend that’s my best tip I tin give anyone. Make the choices yourself. Fill your abode alongside items yous actually dearest together with that brand yous happy. These days yous tin abide by inspiration everywhere. I similar to scroll through Instagram together with run across all kinds of interiors, but I cause got to rest truthful to myself. Something I’ve learned over the years is to direct what makes yous happy together with don’t practise what everyone else is already doing.

Thank yous together with hence much for inviting us into your abode this sunny Friday, Ilona!

If yous don't already follow Ilona on instagram it's a must!

And for to a greater extent than beautiful Dutch abode inspiration accept a peek at a lovely light-filled describe of piece of job solid boat, the happy abode of Marij Hessel, together with a charming together with relaxed Dutch home.

Have a fabulous weekend all together with run across yous Monday!


All photography: © Ilona Polcyn

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