All Things Vivid & Beautiful Inward A Pared Dorsum Household Unit Of Measurement Abode - DESIGN SUMMER

All Things Vivid & Beautiful Inward A Pared Dorsum Household Unit Of Measurement Abode

I am hence inward honey amongst today's abode tour. Nestled inward the jungle, but however a brusk distance from Singapore's pop shopping together with dining precincts, the dark together with white colonial line solid was built inward 1935 for an Officer of the British Army. Today the beautiful belongings is leased past times Charlie Cameron, the creative behind interior together with lifestyle spider web log Lottie Is Loving, her British husband, ii children Finn together with Pippa together with their mini schnauzer Jet. Originally from Australia, Charlie has decorated the abode amongst a fusion of Australian together with Scandinavian vogue which includes lashings of fresh white, touches of rattan together with pastel accents. The upshot is an incredible, low-cal together with airy relaxed line solid unit of measurement home.

 "My upstairs loving cup of tea / reading spot. When you’re non looking downwards at your mass - all y'all run into are trees together with jungle. It’s my favourite room inward the house."

The bamboo pendant low-cal steals the present inward the sitting room (this one is similar) together with the Palm inward the corner bridges the gap betwixt the soft furnishings together with pendant - piece adding a picayune coloring together with drawing the jungle inside.

 "Over the years I direct maintain developed a less is to a greater extent than approach to styling.  I am drawn to a contemporary Australian aesthetic but I am influenced past times a combination of styles together with direct maintain a soft topographic point for Scandinavian blueprint together with Moroccan flair." 

The Swedish string shelving organization has been used inward supplant of a windowsill together with melts into the dorsum ground. But my favourite slice has to hold out the pinkish Moroccan carpet - how pretty is that? Happytapis sells similar (just saying!).

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 white hanging chair, leather pouf together with Rubber constitute direct maintain been used to do the perfect reading corner! Having said that, nosotros used to direct maintain a hanging bubble chair inward our sitting room together with these things are a total kids magnet!

Love this Mark Tuckey Stool from Commonwealth of Australia - a novel favourite of mine! 

"For me, it all comes downwards to pieces that I honey together with finding a residue betwixt styles - a picayune masculine amongst a residue of feminine."  


I can't larn plenty of these rattan hallway benches correct now, how close you? There are plenty inward the shops correct at in 1 lawsuit (this 1 is from Elements Concept in Singapore) but I've got my optic on only about of the one-off vintage ones too, similar this fabulous mid-century modern honey seat. Keep an optic on Etsy, Gumtree together with Ebay for similar!

"There is something to hold out said for beautifully crafted good designed pieces together with I prefer to exercise patience together with hold back for the correct slice than to chop-chop purchase something to fill upward a infinite together with and then regret it.  I genuinely believe that creating a beautifully styled abode takes time."


The soft pinkish accent seen inward the repose of the line solid is carried through to the sleeping accommodation using cushions together with art. In the invitee room (below) 'The King of Potreus' blossom adds a hint of soft pastel.

And finally, Pip's room is equally pretty equally tin hold out - amongst One Fun Day wallpaper together with fairy lights.

Photography © Charlie Cameron / Lottie is Loving

The rooms are fairly spacious, yet Charlie has exercised a huge amount of restraint, giving each especial plenty of breathing space. If you'd honey to imitate this vogue inward your abode but non certain where to start, hither are a few tips together with tricks:


Charlie's Tips for Creating a Pared Back Style

1. Use Negative Space
Leaving areas of your abode costless of blueprint genuinely helps to describe your optic to the elements that are most interesting inward a room.  Cleverly used, negative infinite tin aid a room to experience deliberate together with good styled.

2. Think inward Tones
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 base of operations of whites together with greys tin e'er hold out added to amongst a brilliant pop of coloring - hence dice on things neutral together with harmonious together with direct a pocket-sized amount of coloring to add together to your scheme.

3. Remove the Clutter
Have a pocket-sized room or expanse of your abode (that is preferably hidden) where all the everyday items of life amongst a line solid unit of measurement tin live.  Regularly clear the clutter from the hateful solar daytime together with if y'all direct maintain kids, larn them inward the habit of clearing all their items away at the halt of each day.

You tin run into to a greater extent than of Charlie's abode over on her Instagram feed together with blog (where she also shares recipes together with other lifestyle inspiration).

Other brilliant together with beautiful line solid unit of measurement homes y'all powerfulness hold out interested in: a lovely Dutch line solid unit of measurement home, a striking together with relaxed Swedish line solid unit of measurement home together with a light-filled Swedish home.

Have a lovely day!

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