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Anyone Else Rather Hold Upward On Svenja's Balcony Today?!

Why hey there! Hope y'all had a proficient weekend? I'm tardily cranking into activeness (mondays, huh?!) - but I intend I've works life where I'd actually honey to last correct forthwith - on Svenja's balcony inwards beautiful Vienna! In fact, I'd quite happily last relaxing anywhere inwards her entire even out correct now! Originally from Germany, Svenja worked equally a agency editor earlier moving to Vienna amongst her boyfriend. Today she shares her passion for interior pattern on Traumzuhaus as well as her delightful instagram feed (check out her enviable trips to Bali, Hellenic Republic as well as Thailand - gah!)- where she oft shares snapshots of their monochrome-themed home. I spy a whole charge of beautiful pattern pieces too! Enjoy the tour!

Above Ground print, Hank vertical Chandelier (wall candle), Mantis flooring lamp, B&B Italian Republic sofa

Her Side print, AJ lamp, Ljungby vase, ECM espresso machine.

Petite Friture Vertigo Suspension light, Flos 265 wall lamp.

Eye Eye Print, Korbo handwired basket

Simplicity at it's finest, don't y'all agree? And how almost that balcony?!

I honey the thought of having a java auto inwards the sitting room also - there's something as well as then decadent almost it! Sort of similar - 'I'm only going to drift on over as well as build myself an espresso without missing a unmarried 2nd of Games Of Throne'!

Is at that spot anything that caught your eye?

I produce believe this is the outset e'er even out I've featured from Vienna! I'm non certain why since I'm certain at that spot are lots of fabulous homes inwards Austria's uppercase metropolis - tips / submissions welcome!

You tin give the sack run into to a greater extent than of Svenja's even out hither - as well as depository fiscal establishment jibe out a charge of beeeeautiful monochrome spaces inwards this archive.

Have a peachy start to the week!

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