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At Dwelling Amongst The Arctic Gardener

What to produce when there's no greenery inwards sight? Turn your abode into an urban jungle, that's what. At to the lowest degree this is the solution Agronomist Anders Royneberg has come upwardly to. Known equally the Arctic Gardener, Anders has over 100 plants inwards his relatively small-scale Oslo apartment, making him a bona fide fellow member of the 'green squad' that's taking Instagram past times storm. From spider as well as coin plants to areca palm as well as kiwi trees, the Arctic Garderner's abode is a truthful tropical oasis inwards the pump of Norway's working capital alphabetic lineament city! I had a chat amongst Anders before today to detect out to a greater extent than nearly why it's cracking to select as well as then many plants, as well as how nosotros tin brand our ain homes that fiddling fleck greener!

 On houseplants equally company:
"House plants are perfect roommates. They are quiet, good behaved as well as they don’t aroma bad." 
On the 'green squad' community:
"I detect swain flora lovers to hold upwardly friendly, supporting as well as creative. We all desire a greener earth both indoors as well as outdoors. I would tell that most of us also are concerned nearly the surroundings as well as strive for a greener world."

On going the extra light-green mile: 
"Raise your plants off the flooring as well as identify them on the wall, sideboards, tables or chairs. It volition hand your abode that lush light-green jungle feeling!"

On escape: 
 "Palms brand me move without fifty-fifty having to larn out home. I tin larn to palm-fringed beaches as well as tropical forests inwards a dissever second."

On slow plants for the amateur: 
"Get plants amongst thick light-green juicy leafs. They shop H2O inwards their leaves. They are survivors fifty-fifty though their owners forget them occasionally."

On flora wellness benefits: 
"I constitute that plants inwards my sleeping room aid me to slumber better. Not alone produce plants expect cracking as well as convey vitality as well as life, they also select relaxing as well as purifying benefits. This I believe, promotes a good for yous sleeping pattern."
On the best flora species for a beginner: 
"Try the spider flora (the i hanging adjacent to the mirror). The spider flora has got spider-like plants dangling from the woman raise plant, similar spiders on a web. It’s actually slow to grow as well as then if yous are a newbie gardener, yous should hand it a go. Provide it amongst well-drained reason as well as bright, indirect low-cal as well as they volition flourish."

It's incredible only how much the plants breathe life into this home, don't yous think?! But imagine the score of aid involved? I couldn't resist firing off five to a greater extent than questions to empathise what this requires as well as what an arctic gardener likes to produce inwards his spare fourth dimension (sooo nosey I know, but aren't yous curious too?!).

The Arctic Gardener depression down:

Favourite plant? Calathea Orfobiola, I beloved the tropical feeling I larn from her.
Least favourite plant? I am non a large fan of cactus because I beloved watering, as well as they don't.
Number of hours spent 'misting' a day? I endeavor to mist every day, the to a greater extent than misting the amend inwards my experience. Some tell misting doesn't work, I tell it does.
Dream 'jungle' vacation location?  The rainforest of Madagascar. They've got unopen to huge plants over there, as well as I similar large light-green plants! The bigger the amend inwards my mind!
Best, undercover Oslo tip? The Oslo botanical garden is small-scale but super cozy. Its within this beautiful onetime Victorian greenhouse as well as it's costless of charge.

Thank yous Anders!

If yous beloved plants as well as don't already follow Anders on instagram - the @articgardener is a MUST!

And for to a greater extent than light-green abode inspiration today I beloved Hilton Carter's incredible plant-filled loft, Igor's happy plant-filled home as well as a guide to indoor climbers. Pure urban jungle inspiration!
Do yous select a favourite household plant?


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