Converted Stables Top A Dramatic Abode Sum Of Contrast Inward Norway - DESIGN SUMMER

Converted Stables Top A Dramatic Abode Sum Of Contrast Inward Norway

It's Fri friends - JAAAAA! To roll upwards the calendar week I'm leading us all over to the nighttime side (mwah ha ha) on a virtual journeying to an incredible maisonette inwards Oslo. Formerly a stables, the ii flooring flush is owned past times Nina (blogger behind Note to Self), her beau Jørgen, babe man child Gustav, together with cutest pup Ipa. When Nina's non sewing or working every bit a graphic designer, the yoke are transforming the infinite (often on a minimum budget) into a dramatic menage unit of measurement dwelling total of contrast together with delicious, warm, nighttime grey, chocolate together with beige accents. Enjoy the tour!

The maisonette has an upside downward layout amongst the entry, bath together with sleeping accommodation on the dry reason flooring together with an open-plan kitchen, sitting room together with dining expanse on the upper level. I idea we'd showtime amongst the cosiest zone of all - the sitting room!

The sitting room wall has been painted inwards NCS south 7002B which makes a wonderful contrast to the oak floors, plastered brick walls together with a fluffy 70's manner shaggy carpet (from Layered). And but how cosy does that velour Madison sofa look? The Blind No5 impress is past times Danish creative mortal Kristina Krogh (available here).

It's incredible what a deviation vintage forest adds to a monochrome space. Pick upwards similar  Thonet-style bistro chairs here (gah! So beautiful!). Nina never quite got on amongst the master copy brickwork together with hence they decided to plaster over it.

"The plastering gave but the right, tactile texture the flush needed. And the coloring was perfect too, hence at that spot was no quest to pigment it."

Where would a Scandinavian kitchen live without a natural linen tablecloth?! So pretty (and it looks ameliorate un-ironed too). It's nearing lunchtime hither together with I'm form of drooling over the cheese too!

All hale the Bollo chair past times Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik (I've got my optic on the pink one). 

Since the yoke are currently renovating a draw of piece of occupation solid elsewhere correct instantly (their hereafter home), they didn't desire to invest also much coin on the apartment. Even so, they notwithstanding managed to transform the kitchen from this...

 To this...

...on a express budget!

 To accomplish the novel await they plastered the walls together with painted them inwards NCS south 7002B, spray painted the cabinets inwards NSC south 8002B, replaced the thick laminate counter top, kitchen taps, sink (all HTH), added Borghamn handles from IKEA together with spray painted the switches, sockets together with cables. 

Quite incredible, together with hence inspiring to know what you lot tin practise on a express budget, don't you lot think?!

When the yoke moved inwards the stairs were a varnished yellowish colour...

They painstakingly sanded them downward earlier washing them amongst white pigmentation, together with hence painted the walls together with doors the same coloring every bit the sitting room. They also added the same oak floor. 

What an incredible transformation, don't you lot think?! I've been wondering what to practise amongst my stairs (which are also tinged amongst an quondam yellowish varnish) together with instantly I may bring institute the answer - I but quest to brace myself for the travel (and warn Per!)!

Nina saved a charge on a designer wearing clothing rails past times creating i from a 12 mm copper pipe, which she bent into shape using a wrench, lightly sand papered together with hence sprayed matt black! So clever! More information on her weblog a cosy cocoon-like Swedish home (also featured here) together with dramatic light-green together with grayness inwards a Swedish home - actually, practise you lot know what? I'm but going to become ahead together with give you lot the link to the entire 'dark colours' archive! Way easier!

And instantly for i of my favourites. Conversions. Don't you lot dearest it when a dwelling has history (like the stables inwards today's post)?! See everything from converted garages, warehouses, schools, shops together with fifty-fifty a bar here!

Wishing you lot all a wonderful weekend!


PS This weekend I'm writing a guide to Malmö inwards which I'm hoping to encompass off a charge of the things I missed inwards my previous Malmö guide (and unopen to of the novel places that bring popped upwards too) I'm hence looking frontwards to my staycation! Look out for the guide soon.

All photography  © Nina / Note to Self

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