Karolina Modig's Beautifully Creative Stockholm Home - DESIGN SUMMER

Karolina Modig's Beautifully Creative Stockholm Home

For those of y'all wondering if the calendar week is ever going to halt - it's FRIDAY friends - as well as that aperol spritz is inches away! But earlier nosotros all achieve for the Prosecco, I've got ane lastly dwelling tour to part amongst you, as well as it's a existent goodie! Welcome to the Swedish dwelling of Karolina Modig - a journalist, editor as well as writer of 2 fine art books Värdet av konst (The Value of Art) - 2013 as well as Häng konsten lågt (Hang the Art Low) - 2015, her married adult man Erik as well as children Elliot as well as Mio. The identify unit of measurement alive inwards a 3 sleeping accommodation turn-of-the-century even out inwards Södermalm (affectionately known every bit 'Söder'), an expanse of Stockholm known for it's relaxed, creative vibe. The 85 metre foursquare (915 foursquare foot) infinite is adorned amongst art, a ton of plants (check-out the greenhouse!), books as well as interesting artifacts ready against a backdrop of pale pink, white as well as grey. I caught upwards amongst Karolina to discovery out more.

The shelves induce got been placed above to practise infinite for the fine art underneath. The large portrait is yesteryear Jesper Waldersten. H5N1 Ferm Living wire basket as well as top doubles upwards every bit a tabular array (note how the pinkish wall color has been replicated inwards cushions as well as the handbasket to practise balance).

How would y'all depict your style?
Our interior fashion is a mixture of my arty/airy gustatory modality as well as Erik’s arty/crazy taste. Erik is fond of experimenting amongst edifice projects, rare objects etc, I beloved rare objects but beloved a combat of lite as well as air every bit well.

Your dwelling is beautiful as well as total of fascinating items! Would y'all tell it differs from the commons Scandinavian style? 
Thank you! Yes, I blame Erik for all the materials haha. And our kids:) I approximate it has a combat to a greater extent than ”cosyness" to it than most Scandinavian homes, it’s non really simplistic/minimalistic. We induce got a lot of books, can’t larn rid of a unmarried one. They induce got upwards a lot of space:)

A classic Swedish here!

The duo also beloved to paint. H5N1 portrait of Elliot yesteryear Erik tin live seen here.

An antique Sputnik lite (this one is similar) adds a glimmer of gilded to the dining area. The chairs are from Stalunds (as before). 

I noticed y'all also induce got a lot of plants, including an indoor greenhouse! Can y'all tell us to a greater extent than most it? 
Erik loves plants, I mean value he would rather alive inwards some sort of orangery than inwards an apartment. The greenhouse is his tertiary baby, he brutal inwards beloved amongst it merely earlier nosotros moved inwards to the apartment. It weighs 50000000 kg as well as everything nosotros found at that spot dies, but it’s lovely - isn’t it? :)

It for certain is! I also appreciate the purpose of color - how did y'all select the tones?
We genuinely painted everything white inwards the beginning, but realised nosotros needed color to proceed the rooms together. The sleeping accommodation wasn’t genuinely a room earlier nosotros painted it, merely a bunch of materials placed inwards a foursquare space. The color made everything "melt together". I believe at that spot was a dwelling inwards Danish interior pattern mag ”Rum” that inspired us to selection the colors for the living room. It changed the room completely, making it the most cosy room inwards the apartment. The tiles inwards the kitchen are old  English linguistic communication school-tiles (from The Winchester Tile Company).

IKEA units induce got been fitted amongst pale blueish Superfront doors as well as brass handles (Norse Interiors sell similar inwards the US). Art yesteryear Alexander Tovborg

You induce got then many fantastic works of art! Where did your passion for collecting come upwards from?
I’ve ever been interested inwards art, but I started buying when I wrote my minute majority Häng konsten lågt (Hang the Art Low). I wanted to investigate how much y'all could purchase for a certain amount of coin as well as where you could purchase it, every bit a lead for interested people without experience. It is a majority on how to ”approach” the fine art Blue Planet inwards your ain conditions.

Do y'all induce got whatever tips on how to select fine art as well as display it inwards your home?
Try non to tally besides much, give the fine art some room as well as allow it stand upwards out. Don’t position it besides high on the walls as well as select your fine art amongst your pump as well as breadbasket rather than amongst your brain.

Where practise y'all purchase art? 
I’ve bought it at galleries, over the Internet (selected digital fine art shops) as well as straight from artists.

Vintage storage has been given a novel lease of life using Superfront doors (see previous).  There are some beautiful one-time botanical schoolhouse posters available here (ships worlwide).

And finally, what practise y'all beloved most most your home?
That it is really ”livable”. It doesn’t affair if at that spot are nicks inwards the tables or the floor, or if the article of furniture has flaws as well as faults. I mean value the ambience is welcoming. At to the lowest degree that is what nosotros desire it to be.

The children's room is decorated amongst Coud wallpaper yesteryear Ferm Living as well as a wonderful bespoke playhouse (I wishing I had ane of these when I was growing up, how most you?!).

Photography: Nadja Endler for Houzz

Karolina's Blue Planet inwards xxx seconds:

If y'all could ain whatever artwork, what would it be?
H5N1 Rothko or something yesteryear Louise Bourgeois. 
What music are y'all listening to correct now?
Hanna Järver, James Taylor, Mura Masa as well as The Secret Sisters. 
What is Stockholm's best kept secret?
Not really hush-hush maybe, but Carl Eldh’s ateljémuseum is a picayune slice of wonder. 

Thank y'all then much for inviting us into your dwelling as well as telling us a picayune to a greater extent than most your passion for fine art Karolina!

You tin read to a greater extent than most Karolina's dwelling over on Houzz

If you'd similar to come across to a greater extent than arty spaces today I'd totally recommend taking a peek roughly the lovely dwelling of a Danish artista Copenhagen dwelling inwards a converted artist's studio as well as a Swedish artist's dwelling inwards a fomer schoolhouse house

Have a fabulous weekend!


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