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My Dream Bed (In The Making!)

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H5N1 psychologist friend of mine told me of late that 1 of the keys to success inward life is self-care. I'm non simply brushing your teeth inward the forenoon - really looking later on yourself. Taking breaks, putting aside fourth dimension for the things you lot dearest in addition to mostly pampering the soul! Do you lot practise plenty of this? Having ended 2017 feeling a fiddling run down, I decided to laid upward this the twelvemonth I am kinder to myself - in addition to the get-go item on my listing was getting a improve night's sleep! Thanks to the Swedish luxury laid upward Carpe Diem Beds - in addition to an instagram stories poll lastly calendar month (so grateful for all your input!) I accept finally decided on a novel bed: Sandö.

Sandö is a continental bed named later on an isle inward the beautiful Gothenburg archipelago.  What makes Sandö hence comfortable are its iii unique interacting restrict systems that enhance your slumber in addition to ensure you lot experience similar you're sleeping on a cloud. It also includes the patented Carpe Diem Beds Contour System, which looks later on the body's contours in addition to its protruding parts, such equally shoulders, hips in addition to buttocks. Combined alongside the depth of the restrict system, this gives a feeling of weightlessness that must live experience (read to a greater extent than nigh the Contour Pocket System here). We're talking Princess in addition to The Pea way comfort here! The enquiry is, volition I ever live able to travel out of bed inward the morning?!

The adjacent footstep was to laid upward it (each bed is handcrafted which agency you lot larn to direct all the details including mattress firmness, fabric, headboard in addition to legs).  As someone into design, I couldn't live happier nigh this!

Getting Cosy!

According to The Sleep Help Institute, choosing the correct firmness plays a huge travel inward getting a proficient night's slumber in addition to reducing aches in addition to pains.  

When choosing the firmness, at that spot are several factors to regard including your ain personal perception of comfort, your weight (the heavier you lot are, mostly the firmer the mattress in addition to vice versa) in addition to your slumber seat (whether you lot slumber on your back, side or front end tin accept an demeanour on on the firmness you lot direct - who knew?!). Since mattresses tin vary betwixt brands it's best to hash out this at the indicate of sale / straight alongside the brand.

Deciding On Fabric

I've never owned a continental bed earlier in addition to dearest the stance of existence able to direct a my bedroom in addition to adjoining home office.

But what nigh the headboard? Well, I can't nation you lot how much I'd LOVE an upholstered headboard (do you lot accept one?) - they ever expect hence comfortable! Alas, alongside our depression bedchamber window it simply wasn't possible, hence I opted for ii plump headboard cushions made from the same textile equally the bed (available inward shop soon!).

And finally the legs - existence a nature-lover, this was the easiest selection of all (despite a variety of styles in addition to finishes such equally copper in addition to dark aluminium) I went for the thirteen cm OAK legs.

Something tells me I'm going to live a novel someone 1 time this 1 arrives!

Have a cosy day,


This post is brought to you lot inward collaboration alongside Carpe Diem Beds, nevertheless all words are my ain in addition to I exclusively ever piece of job alongside brands I dearest in addition to holler upward you lot volition too. You tin discovery out to a greater extent than information nigh Carpe Diem Beds in addition to their dealers here.

Photography courtesy of Carpe Diem Beds.

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