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Small Infinite Make-Over: A Teen Boy's Bedroom

Children's rooms are ever fun to renovate every bit you lot tin sack become a trivial to a greater extent than crazy, but when they get-go to hitting their teens it's fourth dimension to reign it inward in 1 lawsuit to a greater extent than in addition to create something a trivial to a greater extent than grown-up. My stepson Albin, is xvi in addition to spends a fair amount of fourth dimension inward his room (sometimes I mean value I remove heed him talking to himself but he's genuinely gaming against friends (in my mind, gaming is all the same Horris Goes Skiing on a ZX Spectrum circa 1984 in addition to hence you lot tin sack empathise why this gets confusing!). When it comes to interior decorating, Albin has a fairly laissez-faire approach (understatement!). As long every bit he tin sack sleep, report in addition to play on his estimator / lookout football, tennis, baseball game or WHATEVER is scheduled at the time, he's every bit happy every bit Larry (I'm all the same wondering who that is?!). Despite Genevieve Jorn in addition to I beingness give gratis reign to blueprint his room (which measures 7.7 metres foursquare / 82 foursquare feet), nosotros were keen to ensure the expect reflected his personality, run items from my wonderful make-over sponsor Danish homeware construct Nordal passed him, in addition to ensure he had everything he needed!


Teenage Boy's Bedroom checklist*

Bed + reading light
TV in addition to gaming console
Shelving for books
Storage for sports equipment
Desk alongside business lite + drawers
Clothes storage

*according to Albin!


Photography: Bettina Holst / Coco Republic / IKEA

Floor plan

I genuinely wishing I had a 'before' motion-picture exhibit (totally forgot to accept one) but if you lot tin sack imagine all white walls, no shelving in addition to a slightly ripped poster stuck on the wall using sellotape you're on to something!


The tour

A 200 cm bed perfectly fitted the width of the room - alongside plenty infinite for a TV, placed on a narrow wall mounted shelf, at the end. Layers of textile inward the shape of cushions in addition to a carpeting (all Nordal) in addition to the blue-grey wall coloring (S 7010-R90B Ambience yesteryear Nordjö) helped to add together a cosy feel. 

Simple wooden shelves were painted inward the same coloring every bit the wall in addition to mounted to a higher identify for extra storage. Gen in addition to I dearest a corner gallery wall (remember this one?!). This ensemble includes a Happy Mondays print, in addition to an one-time drawing yesteryear Albin. He tin sack easily add together to the gallery over fourth dimension too. A wall-mounted reading light helps to lite upwards the corner afterward nighttime (in a pocket-size room, wall mounting items assist to gratis upwards flooring space).

From left to right: Satin Pothos works life from a local bloom shop, in addition to gray in addition to blueish cushions alongside lovely fringed edges, a patterned carpeting in addition to lampshade from Nordal.

Since Albin is oft at his Mothers he doesn't tend to store a lot of clothing at ours, in addition to hence nosotros decided to practise away alongside the wardrobe to create to a greater extent than flooring space. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 clothing rack (from IKEA) alongside storage underneath works every bit a keen replacement in addition to doubles upwards every bit a bedside table.

We couldn't identify the desk inward front end of the window because of the big radiator. However, it all the same gets plenty of natural lite inward the corner. Right directly a big palm adds a splash of coloring to the corner of the room but nosotros could add together a wardrobe inward it's identify if needed. PS Loving the tassles on the rug!

I institute the desk chair inward a local instant mitt store (imagine how excited I was?!)- it's originally from Hungary, in addition to perfect because it's all the same relatively ergonomic (it swivels in addition to the pinnacle tin sack live on adjusted). As you lot tin sack come across from the picture, I all the same remove to sand downward the topographic point in addition to re-varnish it - Gah! Where does all the fourth dimension go?!

My sis took the framed motion-picture exhibit of Albin, the human being in addition to I many moons agone on a beach inward Falsterbo. I dearest it every bit it was such a happy, sun-kissed day. There's a skilful lead a opportunity nosotros mightiness merely live on replaced alongside a signed motion-picture exhibit of Zlatan Ibrahimovic imminently though! The Nordal library light was moved upwards from our sitting room

And hither he is, looking pretty happy alongside his novel room, I must say...

... in addition to maybe wondering why I swapped his Malmö FF poster for an Arsenal 1 (out of shot) - kidding, England was a much improve match!

I promise you lot liked the make-over every bit much every bit my stepson! In illustration you're looking to practise something similar, hither are a few of the items nosotros picked:

1. Library tabular array lamp
2. Dark blueish cushion cover
3. Black wall lamp
4. Cotton quilt bedspread
5. Fabric light cover
6. Graphic canvass carpet
7. Natural cushion cover

*Find a webshop stockist close you lot here (Europe only).

If you lot are wondering nigh anything else merely give me a cry inward the comment department below in addition to I'll practise my best to help!

Come hither for a abode tour? You mightiness similar to depository fiscal establishment check out the Danish, Swedish in addition to Norwegian abode tour archives.

Have a lovely day!


Photography / shoot styling: Niki Brantmark, Interior blueprint administration / styling: Genevieve Jorn

This make-over was made possible alongside the assist of Nordal. All design, styling in addition to words are my ain in addition to I entirely ever operate alongside brands I dearest in addition to mean value you lot volition too. Thank you lot for supporting the companies that construct fresh content possible.

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