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5 Ways To Celebrate Midsummer Similar A Swede

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Midsummer is arguably the nearly celebrated twenty-four hours inward the Swedish calendar - in addition to my all fourth dimension favourite! As alongside all Swedish festivities, the Swedes assemble the twenty-four hours earlier on Midsommarafton (Midsummer Eve) for a beautifully rustic affair involving wild flowers, in-seasonal goodies in addition to dancing around a maypole - no thing the weather! Even if you're non inward residing inward this Nordic land, why non channel the Swedes - wearable flowers inward your hair, eat, potable in addition to endure merry this weekend?! Here's my postulate to v Midsummer musts!

1. Create a midsommarkrans - a crown made from wild flowers (or cheat a picayune in addition to selection upward some beautiful fresh blooms from your local florist!). There's a handy pace yesteryear pace postulate inward my Anna Kubel

2. Dine alfresco - no thing the atmospheric condition (in fact, midsummer atmospheric condition inward Sweden is known for beingness rainy in addition to blowing a gale - but that never stops the revellry!).

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3. Tuck into sill o potatis - pickled herring in addition to novel potatoes are a midsummer staple - but you lot could become wild in addition to create an entire Swedish smågårsbord. Extra points if you lot downwards your fork 1 time inward a patch in addition to sing a ditty en masse!

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4. Eat the largest, juiciest strawberries you lot tin find -  alone, alongside fresh cream,  inward a pie or fifty-fifty dipped inward chocolate. As long every bit they're carmine in addition to dotty, you're totally on point!


5. Drink something on the potent side - preferably homemade Akvavit (schnapps). My father-in-law makes a hateful Akvavit, but I withal similar mine tempered downwards a picayune alongside wild elderflower syrup (that'll endure the Brit at the tabular array then...!).

An thence the eve is yours to sing, trip the low-cal fantastic in addition to chat nether the midnight sun!

Oh in addition to I don't suppose you lot convey a Maypole handy? If you lot do, it's customary to hop circular it similar a frog. Yep. Refer to signal publish 5.

And finally, Swedish tradition dictates that if a unmarried adult woman gathers 7 dissimilar types of flowers in addition to places them nether her pillow on midsummer day, she'll dream of the homo she's going to marry! Well worth a shot, don't you lot think? It mightiness simply endure that tall, blonde Swede sitting contrary you lot at the midsummer table!

Glad Misommar allihoppa! Skål!


Due to the Swedish vacation I'll endure dorsum on Monday, I promise you lot convey a bang-up weekend!

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