A Beautifully Pared-Back Norwegian Hillside Abode - DESIGN SUMMER

A Beautifully Pared-Back Norwegian Hillside Abode

I was thinking that it's been agency to long since I featured a Norwegian abode - together with and thence this beautiful infinite popped upward from nowhere (actually, it wasn't technically from nowhere - it's the fruits of an creative studio, the hillside solid reflects their passion for sustainability together with component division every bit good every bit their penchant for a clean, Nordic aesthetic together with oculus for detail. Let's accept a peek inside!

Although fairly minimalist the expect has a lovely, relaxed experience thank y'all to the mix together with check chairs around a Hay Loop Stand Table.  The low-cal overhead is the Gubi Semi Pendant.

The U-shaped kitchen is a paradigm of their ain edible bean stained bamboo kitchen together with the opened upward shelving is likewise from the Ask og Eng collection.

Kine together with Kristoffer do a lot of restraint when it comes to colour, preferring a neutral, monochrome system which draws heavily from nature. 

Upstairs the solid unit of measurement of iii direct maintain a minute sitting room where they similar to relax together.

The couplet made the bespoke headboard from bamboo to do a warm together with intimate experience inward the bedroom. I likewise dearest how the reading lights direct maintain been hung from a key quest inward the ceiling.

The bed is covered inward the Mega Dot Quilt past times Hay. 
Vilmer's room has been painted inward a gorgeous blueish together with white colouring fabric system (although I don't know the exact blueish pigment colour, it looks similar to the i inward my stepson's room (S 7010-R90B Ambience past times Nordsjö). My immature adult woman has the same her room together with tells all her secrets to him! Isn't he fab?! She likewise has the same tent! Source a similar i here

Thank y'all thence much to Kine together with Kristine for a virtual tour together with to Holly together with Hedda from Avenue Design Studio for the form permission to percentage these lovely pictures. You tin come across to a greater extent than / read the total interview here.

What struck me the most nearly this home, is how beautiful each together with every slice of slice of furniture is. In the interview it says that the couplet are careful to direct items that are built to stand upward the examination of time, together with y'all tin totally come across this from the pictures.

Is in that place anything that stands out to you? 

For to a greater extent than Norwegian inspiration today don't miss this serene abode looking out over a fjord,  this cosy together with relaxed cottage together with a magical mount cabin! Gah! So lovely!

My sister's arriving from London tomorrow eve amongst my 2.5 yr quondam together with half-dozen calendar month quondam niece inward tow, thence it's a hive of activeness around hither inward training for the violet arrival. We're thence excited!!

Have a lovely day!


Photography: © Avenue Design Studio

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