A Dutch Habitation Infused Amongst Warmth In Addition To Harmony - DESIGN SUMMER

A Dutch Habitation Infused Amongst Warmth In Addition To Harmony

Hello Monday! I promise you lot had a neat weekend? It was midsummer hither thence we're all nursing slight schnapps hangovers (lethal stuff that!). Nothing a double shot of java as well as a beautiful abode tour can't fix though, thankfully! And accept I got a charming abode for you lot this bright, sunny Monday! Located inward Monster (amazing name!), to a greater extent than or less the Hague inward The Netherlands, Tinta Luhrman's abode has a tremendously calm as well as harmonic experience cheers to the touches of beautifully crafted forest throughout. It's piddling wonder the owners accept turned woodwork into a successful online business. I caught upwards amongst Tinta to discovery out to a greater extent than close interior design, her dearest of 'brown' tones as well as working amongst wood.

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Who practise you lot alive with?
I alive amongst the most especial man, Rutger, the most beautiful daughter Dieuwertje as well as the best Canis familiaris ever, Paxi!

Selenelion Luna impress past times Stella Marie Baer, Olly Wood Surf Board

What practise you lot practise for a living?
My hubby as well as I pattern as well as brand slice of furniture as well as also accept a webshop selling handmade products. I am an interior designer as well as Rutger is a carpenter. After years of working independently, nosotros decided to combine forces as well as offset working together.

What is the essence of Woodchuck? 
Simplicity as well as natural materials are at the pump of our business. We alive as well as breathe wood, literally ;-). From early on, I was drawn to the colours, scent as well as await as well as experience of forest as well as Rutger loves to operate amongst his hands. Woodchuck is a concept that is 100% us. Everything nosotros sell is created past times us as well as passes through our hands. We dearest this former schoolhouse agency of working as well as believe putting that extra flake of dearest into a production gives it something especial - both for us as well as the clients.

"Design is an ongoing procedure that keeps growing until it's finished. Nothing is thence dependent champaign to alter every bit forest as well as a creative mind."

Mobile past times Laine Maison Makes, Art past times Lily Nichols

You accept a beautifully unique interior, how has this evolved?
Since I was piddling I accept e'er surrounded myself amongst natural materials. I've e'er been into Scandinavian as well as Japanese style. I don’t follow trends, I've e'er stayed truthful to myself. I accept a penchant for vintage items only also novel designs. Every household needs a uniqueness. I e'er offset amongst a white sail as well as thence I permit the interior evolve. Every room has a unlike low-cal as well as feeling thence I purpose this every bit my base. The same goes for the colors I use.

"Everyone has his of her ain color: chocolate-brown is mine. It's a hue that brings me a sense of calm as well as happiness. And I consume chocolate every solar daytime ;)" 


Do you lot accept whatever tips for anyone looking to innovate to a greater extent than forest into their home?
I intend forest gives your abode warmth as well as the combination of using unlike variety of forest enhances this. But non every ane loves it. Choose the forest you lot similar the most to create your ain look.

Do you lot accept whatever full general interior styling tips?
Decorate your abode inward a agency that feels skillful to you lot as well as dare to survive different. Stay truthful to yourself. Surround yourself amongst beauty as well as campaign to accept less storage infinite thence you lot don’t purchase a lot of things you lot don’t use. That’s why nosotros accept an opened upwards kitchen: nosotros exclusively accept things inward our kitchen that nosotros use, non a pantry total of things nosotros don’t.

Thank you lot for welcoming us into your abode Tinta. 

Anyone else tempted to add together to a greater extent than forest to their abode now? If you're looking for me today I'll survive over on the Woodchuck website (or Tinta's instagram feed - looking for inspiration!), run into you lot there?!
I also dearest the flooring inward the children's bedchamber - I've got such a weakness for painted checks! Is at that spot anything that struck you lot close this home? 
In illustration you're feeling inspired past times all things forest you lot mightiness also desire to cheque out a Brooklyn abode amongst reclaimed wood as well as the lovely abode of √ČmilieDesjarlais (in illustration you lot missed it terminal week!) as well as also this guide to parquet floors.

Oh as well as this Dutch home features some lovely pieces from Woodchuck too.
Have a neat offset to the week!


All photography: Tinta Lurhman / Woodchuck

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