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A Finnish Collector's Domicile Amount Of Vintage Treasures

I've posted a LOT of Finnish homes on hither inwards the past, but never 1 similar this! Stepping within Pauliina's dwelling menage inwards Harjavalta, Western Republic of Finland is similar stepping dorsum inwards time."I honey 50's as well as 60's slice of furniture as well as larn as well as thence much inspiration from a thrift store," Pauliina tells me. "Usually I don't desire to purchase anything new, I assay to honour everything thrifted." The fruits of Pauliina's search convey resulted inwards a unique dwelling menage total of vintage treasures amongst pops of pink, bluish as well as yellowish accents. Don't immature lady her really pretty, really fluffy cats too!

I honey this duet of brass cranes, I spotted similar ones at Hotel Henriette inwards Paris. This corner of Etsy is a peachy identify to alternative upward a duet of your own.

The walls convey been painted inwards code G370 from Tikkurilas as well as the flooring is dotted amongst pretty rag rugs (traditional floor coverings made from leftover stuff scraps). 

"One of my favourite pieces is our java tabular array inwards our living room. I also honey our light-green armchair, it's designed past times Olli Borg as well as is called 'Rondo'."

Keep a await out for an master copy version of the 60's Rondo chair on auction sites similar Bukowskis. The low-cal grayness walls convey been painted inwards Tikkurilas (code 1923) as well as the pink linen curtains are from IKEA (don't yous honey it when that happens? It's similar when yous enquire soul where their clothes is from as well as they tell they 'bought it yesterday inwards H&M' - result!

The retro trend wallpapers convey been sourced from BoråsTapeter as well as Pihlgren&Ritola.

"The 3 best places to honour lovely vintage items inwards Republic of Finland are Pimee vintti, Wanha mari as well as inwards summertime fourth dimension at that topographic point are many expert outdoor flea markets hither inwards Finland. You tin flaming honour the schedule here (in Finnish only)." Pauliina.

How pretty does Pimee vintti look? It's a footling similar the surface area I visited for my majority The Scandinavian Home as well as I've been dying to larn dorsum always since!

This invitee room is total of 50's / 60's floral prints - as well as looks correct at dwelling menage inwards the menage built inwards the same era.  

Aaaaa, I actually loved looking some this home, it was similar going inwards a fourth dimension machine, correct downwards to the end exceptional (did yous spot the retro radios?!). If yous convey a spare minute today yous must view Pauliina's instagram feed as well as blog where at that topographic point are hundreds to a greater extent than pictures of this infinite as well as snippets from the homes of similar minded vintage grapple hunters! 

Does this dwelling menage inspire yous to larn hunting for vintage treasures?!

For to a greater extent than retro vibes today cheque out the relaxed Antwerp dwelling menage of a creative duo, Tamsin Flower's cheerful London Home as well as a pared-back Australian beach menage amongst a retro vibe. These are all such wonderful homes - I honey them all! 

Have a lovely day!

Photography: Pauliina

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